Spirituality and Academics: 7 Great Tips To Balancing Spiritual With Academic Life

Many Christian students ask this question “How do I balance my spiritual and academic life? How do I balance my relationship with God and school?”

Yeah! Probably you’re in college or university, or even high school.

I know it can be pretty hard and stressful trying to find that balance.

You know you got to keep up with classes, read for those tests and exams and it just looks like “Oh God! How do I do this?”

Yet you don’t want to be inconsistent with your walk with God. And you are also striving to come out with great grades.

How do I balance my walk with God, serving God, and being excellent in my studies?

Many Christian students have always battled with this balance.

It’s either academics suffer a bit and the spiritual aspect glows or the other way around.

Don’t we have Christians who have been successful in balancing spiritual and academic life? Yeah, we have many of them too.

As much as they are shining spiritually, they are also on top of the game in academics.

How do I go about balancing my spiritual and academic life?

I want you to note that spirituality is not an excuse for your bad grades and academics should not be an excuse for you not to have a consistent walk with God.


As a Christian student, it’s expected of you to show forth the nature of our Father in your academics – Excellence, without it affecting your walk with Him.

As a matter of truth, it’s by walking and working with Him in your studies that you can express a level of distinction and excellence from your other mates.

Before we go talking about how we can strike the balance, let’s see what takes most of the students’ time:

  • Too many extracurricular activities:
    A freshman who’s just getting into the University is most likely fascinated by things around them. He/she would practically want to engage in anything that feels good.
    This should not be so, don’t jam-pack yourself with too many extracurricular activities in school, especially if it’s not in accordance with your life purpose. This will take most of your time, out of the little you’ll end up having after attending lectures.
  • Waste of time on unnecessary things:ย 
    I know that feeling, you want to have fun. You want to enjoy every bit of being in the university. Hey! It’s not bad catching fun, but let it not take away the invaluable time you have.ย  And if you are going to be catching fun, make sure you’re catching fun doing something good. Don’t define your fun by doing things that God doesn’t like or expect of His children. You’re a child of God, you’re of royalty.
  • Too many unnecessary friends:
    Having too many friends can be parasitic. Have few friends, let the friends be godly friends who will help your spiritual growth and also help you academically.

How to Balance Spirituality with Academics or God and School

  • Never separate your academic life from your spiritual life:

You are of God, He’s absolutely interested in every aspect of your entire life. You should not operate your academic life away from God.

Holy Spirit is ever ready to explain to you those hard topics in detail. All you need to do is just to invite Him to help you.

Don’t separate your spiritual life from your academic life. Let God into your academic life.

This will have a great positive effect on your academic success.

God’s so much interested in everything about you which doesn’t exclude academics.

Study your textbooks with Holy Spirit. He’ll lead you aright. Remember what Jesus said about Holy Spirit?

John 14:26 But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.

All things, you know what that means? It means everything, anything. Holy Spirit will teach you.

Holy Spirit can lead you to the right materials for study that will help you excel in that test or examination.


He also can explain things you find hard to understand.

But I have to emphasize this, you have to read. Holy Spirit helps you in it, He won’t study for you.

So don’t be lazy, slothfulness can not bring success.
Write your examinations with the Holy Spirit. Invite God in. Let him lead you.

  • Don’t box or cage the Holy Spirit:

He walks in different dimensions. He may decide to show your examination questions even before you write them.

Are you wondering if it’s possible? That’s why He is God and He’s your father.

He may not reveal the questions to you, He may decide to walk you through the examination.

Whichever way He uses, just know that God’s always there to help you. He’s given you the Holy Spirit.

My father mentioned one of the exams he did. He said he dreamt about the questions he was to answer and it was just the way he saw it in the dream.

I want you to know that God may not help you dramatically like this.

He may just lead you the way He has always been communicating to you. Just be sensitive to Him.

Isn’t that great?, that’s proof God cares about His own in all areas of their life.

Yeah, so invite Holy Spirit in. Don’t run your academics away from God.


You’ll be surprised at how positive things will turn out.

  • Don’t be hooked up with too many religious activities:

Don’t get me wrong, religious activities are really good when we have a good walk with God.

But don’t be hooked up with too many religious activities.

When it’s getting to a point at you miss classes, or you barely have time for your own academic studies or quiet time with God, you should be careful.

Your personal relationship with God and the reason for your being in the university or college which is your academics should not be left in jeopardy.

Also, remember that those activities will not study for you.

You’ll do your study yourself. Do not leave your study in jeopardy.

Religious activities and serving in the gathering of believers are good and helpful.

But don’t let it take your time to the extent that you only have little or no time for your academic study and quiet time or personal time with God

You should not overwhelm yourself with duties. Join a department in the gathering of believers you can effectively be active and it won’t affect your walk with God and studies. The church is meant to help our walk with God.

  • Discipline:

You should be aware that you need the discipline to strike that balance you need between your spiritual and academic life.

  • Prioritize right:

I know you have a long to-do list. Getting to manage them all may seem like a herculean task.

Prioritize your long to-do list. This will help you a lot to have practically all your daily plans laid out and achieved easily.

  • Have a good relationship with other believers:

Getting to move and develop a good and close relationship with other Christian students is a good advantage.

You can all get to study together and also fellowship together.

Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Besides the fact that this type of friendship will be of help spiritually, it will also serve academic needs.

  • Avoid distractions:

Distractions that can waste your time should be avoided. Whatever will take your time without any productivity or impact is not worth the time.

  • Be consistent:

Be consistent with your studies, and don’t cumulate notes till examinations or tests come around. Study well. Do assignments on time, and don’t miss classes.

Be consistent in your walk with God too, as He is your source of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Don’t worry, He’s got you covered! Ask for God’s help, study, and trust in Him.

Play your role in studying! Invite him to be your professor! He teaches all subjects. That’s interesting, right? And then, success is surely yours.

Balancing your spiritual and academic life is possible, you can do it. You can be a high-flier in your academics and still be on fire for God.

I will like to hear from you in the comment section. Stay blessed.

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