17 Ways to Break Phone Addiction

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Excessive use of phone is now becoming a phenomenon, especially among young people. A poll was made recently on the use of mobile phone from Common Sense Media found that 50% of teenagers said they “feel addicted” to their phones. At 59%, even more parents thought their teenagers were addicted, CNN reports. The survey asked more than 1,200 parents and teenagers about mobile device usage and family conflict. A typical American spends 5 hours per day browsing, that’s huge right? Enough of statistics story here.  If you are here, I want to believe you are really interested to know how to break phone addiction.

To break phone addiction may seem hard, quite so many of us are so addicted to our phones. Some people overspend time to discover all their plans have been left unachieved due to loss of track of time when using phone.  Phones are good I must agree but if not used well, it can cause more harm than good. Phones were designed to do things like making communication easier but many lives are being devalued due to excessive use of phone. Therefore, it is necessary we take into cognizance how to make use of our phones right.

It is popularly said that time is money.  Anyone who wants to be great must learn to manage time well. The addictive use of phone can be an obstacle to that. I know you might feel helpless, probably you have tried your possible best to get rid of your phone addiction but you couldn’t.

We’ll dig deep to the root phone addiction, signs that you are addicted to your phone and finally measures you can take to break phone addictions.

Are Phones Really Addictive?

Break your phone addiction

Sometimes when we get into using our phones, we seem just too powerless to say NO when we want to. The use of phone can really be addictive. There are a whole lot things that can keep on grounded on phone for hours ranging from mobile games to internet to social media etc.

Signs or Flags you are Addicted to your Phone

Break phone addiction

  • You go to the toilet with your phone:

It sorta sounds wierd and funny. Many of us are so into our phones that we go to the bathroom or toilet with them. This is a red flag that you are getting addicted to your phone.

  • You stay up all night:

You can stay awake through out the night just to make sure you answer those WhatsApp messages or keep browsing the internet.

  • Texting while walking:

Asides the fact that this is a sign of phone addiction, not being able to concentrate while walk. It is also dangerous, one could have an accident due to lack of concentration

  • You don’t feel good not using your phone for some time:

Probably there was power outage due to some reasons or network failure. So you couldn’t use your phone, you don’t feel good and easy without your phone. That’s another sign, you have made it part of you that parting with it could make you go uneasy.

  • You can’t talk with someone without using your phone:

This is annoying but you can’t help it, it’s a flag which means you gotta get rid of phone addiction.

  • You are always with it:

It has become your sole companion, so you are always with it. This is one of the chief signs that one is addicted to phone.

  • Your phone battery barely last long:

The excessive rate at which you use your phone makes the battery drain so fast.

  • You are anxious of answering messages, texts, notifications etc:

You are always anxious to answer your messages very fast, even when not necessary. This can be a red flag you need a phone addiction treatment. Worry less, we can help you with that. Just keep on reading

  • Checking your phone is the first and the last thing you do before going to bed:

Once the morning alarm is on, the first thing you reach is your phone, probably check for messages. When it’s bed time, if you are not staying up all through the night because of your phone, it’s the last thing you check.

  • Inability to stop the use of phone:

I know you want to really stop using your phone too much but you can’t. It’s because you are addicted. I said earlier, worry less. Don’t fret!

Why you Really Need to Break Phone Addiction?

Stop using phone so much

There are various reasons you really need to be worried about overcoming your phone addiction. Here are reasons you should take getting rid of phone addiction seriously:

  • Depression, anger or anxiety:

It has been proved that individuals addicted to phone are prone to exhibit either depression, anger or anxiety.

  • Digital eye strain:

Using your phone too much can give eye strain. Looking at a screen for more than two hours can cause eye strain.

  • A risk of accident:

Phone addicts are prone to texting while walking, which is very dangerous. It may lead to an accident, due to lost concentration

  • Risk of broken relationship:

When partners are more into their phones rather than building up their relationship, things may not end up well

  • Fights with parents:

Probably you are still a teenager and you live with your parents, phone addiction bring parents at loggerhead with their teenagers.

  • Loss of time:

There are a lot of things that are expected of us, in responsibility. Getting addicted to phone make us lose the track of time and not do what we are supposed to do.

  • Sleep disorder:

When you spend time awake with your phone instead of having a good night rest, you may be at risk of sleep disorder.

How to Break Phone Addiction

Break phone addiction

  • Know that you have control over your phone:

I know you may have tried to stop using your phone too much but it seems you don’t have power over it. No! You do have power over it. You are the controller, you should know that.

  • Be addicted to new healthy habits:

Joyce Meyer wrote in her book-“Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits” that, “I have learned that concentrating on the good things I want and need to do helps me overcome the bad things that I don’t want to do”. You want to stop spending so much time using your phone, try to build new and good habits. You can take interest in studying books and learning new things. Then, before you know it you will no longer have time for frivolous activities. You will be so busy with activities that will add value to you.

You will notice that anytime you’re busy with anything, you tend to forget about your phone and let go of it till you are free. Get busy, develop new interests, endeavor to learn something new and you are a step closer to getting over your phone addiction.

  • Do Something Productive even with Your Phone:

Some people earn a living by making use of their phones. Many get ideas and get themselves informed through their phones. Some people make use of their phones in their pastime. The bottom line is this, endeavor to make use of your phone for things that will add value to you. Your goal should be to cut back your phone use to more healthy levels of use. Let go of anything that will not add value to you on your phone. Whatever you do on your phone, ensure it is adding value to you. This understanding will help you break phone addiction.

  • Find out and delete toxic applications:

Fish out those phone applications that are just there draining your time without any positive value added.  If it can increase your knowledge, add to the money in your bank account, add values to you and it’s draining your precious time, then you’ve gotta delete it as soon as possible.

  • Be intentional:

Don’t just pick up your phone because you are bored. Pick it up only when it is needed. Intention should be the reason for your use of phone. Have a reason before you pick up that phone.

  • Remember that there is life outside your phone

It is obvious the world is considered and seen as a single community linked by telecommunications. Most people think life only resides on social media. Well, this is not entirely true. Life is more than social media, social networks and your phone. Do not substitute the physical interaction you are to have with friends and family with your phone. Dedicate time to your family and friends. Online relationships are not a healthy substitute for real life interactions.

Some people do not interact with their friends and family physically. Every discussion is done on phone. They even have discussions on phone with someone that is just a few meters away.

I know phones are to make things easier but also, physical interactions should be taken important.

  • Set Reminders:

Place notes where you can easily find them. Write on paper cards notes to remind you to spend little time on your phone. You can set a reminder on your phone too. You can tell those around you to be watchful and then caution you if you spend so much time on your phone doing irrelevant things.

  • Turn off notifications:

If you are always eager to get messages or notifications attended to, then I think you really need to turn off your notifications. It can be hard, you may want to go turn it on again. I understand that pressure, but control yourself not to turn it on.

  • Don’t take it to bed:

Not taking your phone to bed will help to cut your phone usage over the night. It won’t also be the first thing to attend to in the morning. It’s just a matter of time, keep doing it. You’ll get used to it.

  • Go on phone fasting or vacation:

This may sound strange. It means to go off your phone intentionally for some days. You can just decide to leave your phone switched off till you are done with your phone vacation, explore the world outside your phone.

  • Get applications that can help you track your phone use:

I once used an application that prevents me from using apps I waste my time on. That application blocks me from using selected applications within a stipulated time. Therefore, I became used to it. Even when I am tempted to make use of the selected applications the app block will not allow me to make use of them so I got cautioned.

  • Be self-disciplined:

If you want to break your addiction to phone, be self-disciplined. Train yourself to be disciplined enough to know when to pick your phone and when to drop it. Be self-controlled.

I know of a friend that would drop her cellphone with a friend or her parents anytime she is about to sit for an exam. You may not have anybody around to drop your phone with so you may be focused. Therefore, you need to be self-disciplined. You should try to discipline yourself and cut down your phone usage. It will not be so easy. It can be so challenging but think about the reward. Give it all it takes and do not give up.

  • Be Accountable:

You can endeavor to keep records of all you did during the day so you can know how much time was spent on irrelevancies. Get yourself a note pad and take note of the time that was spent in carrying out your activities during the day. This will help you to track your cellphone use.

  • Turn It Off:

Most people do not like turning off their phones but sincerely, this can help to keep one focused and to avoid every form of distraction. Do not be afraid to miss out on some things. Some things can simply wait. Some of those information you feel you need urgently can wait till after class and work. Those games you feel you cannot do without playing can wait. Some of those phone calls can wait. If turning off your phone will help you deal with your phone addiction, please go for it.

  • Know that technology works for you and not the other way round:

Technology did not create itself. Humans did create technology. You are more than technology. You are more intelligent than any technological device. A boss should not be controlled by a learner. An employer should not be bossed around by his or her employee. Therefore, no technology should control you.

  • Know that you cannot get all in a day:

Most people in a quest to know more about a particular subject get trapped in “just let me check or do this”. Afterwards, they end up checking and doing more.

Know that you cannot see them all, check them all and know them all. This is because there are numerous information on the internet, numerous subjects to discuss with your friend, several games to download and play, various chats to have which you can get some other day.

  • Talk to someone about Your addiction:

You can talk to someone you feel can help you deal with your phone addiction. The person might be able to guide you, keep a watch on you and help you keep track of your phone usage.

Perhaps, your phone addiction is due to depression, please tell someone about it so you can be helped. Know that you can get over your phone addiction and also depression. You do not have to be hard on yourself. Talk to someone, do not keep your issues to yourself. I know you will be fine.

Applications that can help break phone addiction

Here is a list of apps I recommend for you to use to break and overcome your smart phone addiction

  • Antisocial
  • YourHow
  • social Fever
  • Blackout
  • App detox
  • Flipd
  • Myaddictometer
  • FocusMode
  • Menthal

You can get any of this application to aid you to stop using your phone so much.

All in all, getting over phone addiction is a gradual process and it involves self-discipline and conscious efforts. It is not a day’s job. It may seem challenging however, you should not give up. Be encouraged and motivated. I strongly believe putting into use the above tips will go a long way in helping you break phone addiction

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April 9, 2019 6:35 pm

The article was a very useful read.

This is a very prevalent problem today.
Not only mobile phone addiction but social media addiction as well.

Victor O'loore
April 10, 2019 3:30 am
Reply to  Milos

You are right,

Social media addiction is another thing,

I should write on that soon.

Thanks Milos

Paige Bainbridge
Paige Bainbridge
April 9, 2019 10:02 pm

Really good reminders. I bet most of us are guilty of at least some of these some of the time. I like your saying to be addicted to healthy habits. As in, focus on positive healthy things to replace to the craving for the phone all the time. Thanks for sharing — Paige Bainbridge ([email protected])

Victor O'loore
April 10, 2019 3:29 am

Thanks Paige 😊

May 31, 2019 3:03 am

I really love your blog.. Excellent colors & theme. Did you develop this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m planning to create my own site and would like to know where you got this from or exactly what the theme is called. Kudos! I truly love your website..kudos I love it whenever people get together and share views.great website keep it up on

Victor O'loore
June 2, 2019 8:42 pm
Reply to  Ben

The theme is hitmag, I did the setting up myself.

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