He or She Broke Up With Me Because I’m Not a Christian [What to Do]

I really do understand how you feel right now about your Christian boyfriend or girlfriend breaking up with you because you are not a Christian.

I know it feels devastating because you love them so much, and you know that they love you so much too, and you cannot see any reason why they should jeopardize that

Why He or She [Boyfriend or Girlfriend] Broke Up With You Because You’re Not Christian?

I know all that I will talk about here may not have occurred to you initially, or probably it did, but you felt that you both could go through these things together and scale through it.

But it is easier to say these things when emotions are on the high, but reality does not care about emotions.

That is just the sincere truth.

Things like financial incapability or differences, behavioural/character flaws, bad habits, etc can still be worked upon in the course of a relationship, but differences in core beliefs won’t change except if one of the couples decides to put their faith in their partner’s beliefs.

1. Differing beliefs affect relationships most times

The sincere truth is that this difference in belief might affect the relationship.

Imagine your partner is talking about spiritual things, or just burst out speaking some language you don’t understand (which we refer to as speaking in tongues in the Christian faith), won’t you feel awkward all of a sudden?

You most likely will feel awkward about it.

Imagine you are an atheist, and your partner keeps talking about God every now and then.

You may want to put up with him/her because he/she is your partner, but you most likely won’t find it comfortable.

You won’t be able to relate with your partner on so many things because the Christian faith cuts deep across the life of a Christian.


And imagine having to spend the rest of your life with them, they may eventually feel like you are boxing their growth in their faith, and vice versa too.

2. Parents may not agree to the wedding

Some parents are open and can agree to things like these.

Some parents may not practice the same faith with their children.

But parents who practice the same faith with their children will most likely disagree with their child getting married to someone of a different faith.

And a Christian would definitely be interested in getting the blessing of his/her parents before going on with their wedding.

This is another battle that may come up for a couple of different faith.

3. You both may have issues with parenting your kids

When you eventually get married and start having kids, the next big question will be, “What faith to inculcate in the kids?”

This issue is a big one that is enough to cause a rift among a couple of differing faith.

4. He/she decided to be kinda stupid [permit me to use that word]

I have covered the possible reasons why your Christian boyfriend or girlfriend may have left the relationship.

Now, it will not be balanced if I don’t acknowledge the fact that some Christians just use this as an excuse to leave a relationship they personally want to leave, for other reasons, not reasons hinged on their faith.

I want you to understand, that someone bears a Christian name does not make them a follower of Jesus Christ.

What makes them Christians is that they hold the message of the gospel of Jesus in their heart and follow Jesus.


5. Your partner grew

Many Christians are still very young in their faith. And this may have been the crux of the whole matter.

Because a mature Christian would already know that it won’t be easy being in a life-long relationship with an unbeliever.

And whatever they are feeling for the person, they will know well to get rid of it.

If your partner had been young in faith when getting on with you, it is possible he or she had let emotions lead them into the relationship, not considering other things.

Then they later saw the reality of the impossibility because of the difference in the faith, after a while.

Do You See Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend as Bad for Breaking Up Because You Are Not Christian?

I know you might want to think he or she did you evil or bad by leaving you.

They most like have also thought about it over and over again before deciding to take a bold step.

I want you to understand that it is also hard for them, especially if they truly love you.

You might also have it somewhere in the corner of your mind why did they have to ask you out or accept to be with you if they knew that they could not get on with you in the long run.

Honestly, emotions can get in the way of one’s logical thinking sometimes.

It takes a lot of maturity in the Christian faith to take decisions like these wisely, and not just in a rush of emotions.

They could have saved you and them the stress of having to deal with this heartbreak, but then it happened, do not be bitter against them to help you in your healing process.


Now, I actually understand that some Christians break up with their non-Christian partners using this excuse, when it is not their true reason for wanting to leave.

This can hurt to discover, but you should not be bitter against them, as this will help you heal faster.

He or She Broke Up With Me Because I am Not a Christian [What to Do]

Knowing what to do after a heartbreak like this seems like the hardest thing.

Let me help you out with that.

1. Resist the urge to plead for your partner to take you back

If they really have brought themselves to break up with you, then they have really decided in their heart to do so.

They most likely would have thought it through and through.

It will most likely do no good begging or pleading to them to take you back.

2. Go on with life

I know it is easy to just be bedridden in this situation and stay indoors for as long as possible, but that won’t solve the situation.

If you have a business, get on with it, and get it moving on.

If you are a student, get busier with your studies.

You can hit the gym. Just focus on your life, and move on.

3. You can visit the therapist

If you think this heartbreak really hits you so much that it feels like you might not get out of it for a long because of the situation surrounding it.

Probably you have already built your life around this person already, and then they just leave suddenly.

I understand how painful that can be.

I will advise that you book a session with a therapist that will walk you through a healing journey.

He or She Broke Up With Me Because I’m Not a Christian – Final Words to You

I am sorry for the heartbreak, and I plead on the behaviour of the individual who broke up with you because you are not a Christian.

Also, I want you to know that God loves you and wants you to be eternally saved and enjoy a relationship with Him, that is why He sent Jesus to die for you.

Believe in Him, and you will find rest in Him. Jesus loves you


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