Can Christians Wear Crop Tops? Is It a Sin?

For some reason, you are here to know if it is okay for a Christian lady to wear a crop top. 

Personally, I wasn’t really familiar with crop tops not until recently.

It is not as if I am very familiar with them right now too, but I have seen a number of them now.

I will be giving you my take on this question, “Can Christians wear crop tops?”, which I think is wise counsel.

Is it a Sin to Wear Crop Tops?

Now, this is a hard question to answer.

Besides that the Bible did not label specific kinds of clothes as ungodly or sinful, I find it hard to be the one to decide if a dress is a sin or not.

I know you expect a straight answer on this, but in cases like this, we should not be worried if it is a sin or not.

We should be worried if it is a wise thing to do.

Now, a better way to ask the question is, “Should or Can Christians wear crop tops?”

Can Christians Wear Crop Tops?

Can Christians wear crop tops? Yes and no!

Wait this out with me, please. I have seen a number of crop tops.

When I see some, I can be like, “This crop top is not bad depending on how the person who’ll wear it rocks it.”


And sometimes, it might be that “This is out rightly not a modest piece of clothing.”

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And that makes it hard to give a straight answer to this question.

Rather, I will ask you questions that will let you decide if it is wise for you to wear crop tops or not. 

I am aware that many crop tops reveal the stomach heavily, and this is one of the reasons why some Christians may throw crop tops altogether out of the window when considering dresses a Christian should wear or not.

I must make it clear that it is not okay to reveal parts of your body that are meant to be priv@te to you.

Fast forward to the question I talked about.

Questions to Answer To Know If Christians Can Wear Crop Tops or Not

Since I am finding it hard to give a one-way answer to this question, I came up with these questions that you need to answer to help you decide if it is okay to wear crop tops or let us say some specifics crop tops

1. Is the crop top modest?

Our body has been bought with a price, and it is the temple of the living God.

So, we must be careful how we clothe our bodies.

You must ask yourself if the crop top is modest to rock.

I know you want to follow trends, but you should care about modesty more.


I have seen ladies rock some kinds of crop tops well, in a modest way.

Some wear something (pardon me, I don’t know exactly what the name of the cloth is) underneath the crop top, to avoid revealing their stomach (if the crop top seems revealing).

And some don’t wear anything underneath; they just wear high-waist trousers to make up for a part of the stomach that might be revealed (in a case where the crop top is not so revealing).

This question also leads to the next question I have for you.

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2. Does the crop top make it easy for people to objectify my body?

Of course, our purpose in dressing is not to draw unnecessary attention to our bodies.

I have noticed that some crop tops might be revealing for ladies with large bre@sts.

This inference is due to what I have seen from some ladies, either on social media or physically.

If you have large bre@sts, you need to be sure that the crop top won’t be revealing.

And probably you’d have to not consider crop tops. There are other dresses you can rock, and you will still look beautiful.

I am sure that you don’t want unnecessary attention drawn to you in this kind of way, as a Christian.

You must know or be sure to a certain extent that it won’t cause you to be objectified in any improper way.


And besides, wearing an immodest dress that helps guys objectify you easily, might make you pass as a lady who does not have regard for her body.

And I am sure that you have regard for your body. You are a queen!

One who is seated with God in heavenly places. 

Definitely, you must carry yourself in that light. And people must be able to see that.

3. Are people around you okay with it?

If you are under your parents, and they seem not to be okay with it, it is advised that you heed them and do away with it.

The Bible commands us to obey our parents.

And in this case, you have nothing to lose in obeying them and nothing to gain from disobeying them.

Just respect them, and stick to their instructions.

Also, if your immediate family of faith (church) totally frowns on wearing crop tops in the gathering of saints where you worship, it is also advisable to not go against the code.

4. Does it make it easy for a fellow Christian to stumble?

I know you may want to say, “I don’t really care about anyone, as long as it is okay with me.”

Our love for one another in the family of faith runs deep in the blood of Jesus, and this means that we would not do anything that will cause our brother or sister to fall into sin.

Some believers are battling and struggling with l*st, and it won’t be okay to add to their battle.

Imagine a struggling believer in the church, trying not to look to a side of the church during worship because some people are dressing in a suggestive manner that will make them have s3xual thoughts.

I remember a conversation I had a long time ago with someone who mentioned something along or related to this line, “if we have to worry about immodest dressing, it should not be among the brethren in the church.”

Apostle Paul said that if meat could make his fellow brother fall, he would never eat meat again in 1 Corinthians 8:13. 

 It is important that we look out for others in the faith.

So, in as much as you want to really do a thing, you must factor in your brother or sister in the faith.

5. Do I feel uncomfortable in my spirit?

The construct by which God leads us is by His Spirit in us through our spirit.

If you by any means feel uncomfortable with any dress, yield and do not wear the dress.

Let me bring a balance to this.

Just because you don’t get any refute within your spirit is not an excuse to wear a clearly immodest dress.

6. What do you think personally?

The place of your conscience can also be considered in this situation.

If you feel it is a wrong thing to do, do not violate your conscience, please.

To bring a balance to this, even if you feel the crop top you want to buy or wear is okay, put it to check using the questions above.

Is It Okay to Wear Crop Top to Church

If the crop top is modestly worn, I think you can wear it to church.

Now, you should know that most crop tops reveal the stomach.

So, to wear crop tops in a modest way, you have to be extra.

I will discuss ways you can try to wear a crop top without revealing your body.

This doesn’t cover some crop tops that reveal the bre@st, you should do away with those.

Your body is so precious, and it is the temple of the Lord.

Place so much value on yourself, just like God does.

It is also important to balance that if you worship at a church where it is frowned upon, you should not wear it.

I also have to say this.

Whatever clothes you can not wear in Church, don’t wear in any other place too.

If your conscience can not afford to let you wear a certain dress to church, I think you should not wear it at all.

The Christian lifestyle is beyond what we do in church, but how we live our lives as we are helped by God.

How to Make Crop Top Modest

There are ways you can wear a crop top without it revealing your body:

1. You can wear something underneath the crop top

It can be a blouse or something that can cover your skin underneath the crop top.

This will work fine especially if your crop top is a fitted one. 

2. You can rock the crop top with a jacket

You can wear a jacket over your crop top, which can make it less revealing

3. Wear high waist jeans or a skirt with the crop top

Wearing a high waist jeans or trousers will cover up the stomach that was supposed to be revealed. 

Can Christians Wear Crop Tops? – Final Words

I hope this has helped you in finding answers to your question on “Can Christians wear crop tops?”.

I will be looking forward to receiving your comment if you have one.

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