I’ve doubted the Second Coming of Jesus sometimes — #ThisJourneyofFaith

The first interview in This Journey of Faith series. Enjoy this interview as Aanu tells us her faith story. Love! Light! Life!
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Every week on Sundays, we publish interviews with different believers where they tell the stories of their journey of faith. It sure will bless you. 

Did you grow up in a Christian family?

Yes, I did.

How was it like?

Well, it was more like I had already been fed or will I say taught with moral uprightness, not necessarily spiritual uprightness.

I can liken that to this particular man in the Bible, I think that is Cornelius or the Ethiopian eunuch. Fine, he might have been doing good works but that doesn’t mean they were necessarily born again believers.

That was the kind of lifestyle I lived to a particular time. So, they have brought me up in the right way but it was my choice to either accept it or not. And I think I did, to an extent.

Yeah, I think I did

Oya, okay. I think I get. So, how did you meet Christ personally?

Oh , yeah.

Well, the children church I attended, they’ve always been showing Christian movies, bla bla bla and all but it started at a church event.

It was a crusade, a big crusade in my church, “Zoe”. That’s Christ Life Church. There was an altar call, right.

So then, this man of God, I don’t remember the man that made the altar call that day but the first time, I didn’t want to go because my friends were not going.

Do you know that time when they ask you to come if you want to give your life to Christ, and they give you timing, like counting “1, 2, 3.” And I didn’t want to answer because I looked around, my friends were not standing up.

But it was just this thing in me that made me say, let me go out, let me also go out. I think it was on the last call, I think number 10, and I finally went forward.

It was the final count that made me, you know, go out. Fine, my friends still didn’t go out but I just went ahead. I was eleven, yeah I was eleven.

Waoh, eleven

I was eleven. I can remember very well. I think it was Adamasingba, that was where we had the Zoe crusade.

That was the first time I gave my life to Christ, but I started knowing Christ more when I… funny how this might seem, oh wow, so all I have been doing since is what?

When I entered university, I started knowing Him for myself. Because what I was brought up to do was just, you must go to church, you must sing.

I didn’t know Christ for myself, personally. Did you get that kind of a thing?

I can relate

Yeah, so it was not until my first year second semester. I think it was either my first year second semester or even my second year, the first semester.

We had attended various programs and all, but I really didn’t know Christ for myself. And the revelation of Christ to me wasn’t clear, it wasn’t clear.

Until then, that was when I actually knew Him. I used to have dreams. I normally have dreams and I see things, especially when I ponder about it for a while.

I think about a lot of things, and it begins to reveal itself to me in dreams. So, I felt like I’d rather not waste my time, like there is this scripture that says what will profit a man if he gains the entire world and loses his soul.

Ordinary fire should burn me, I cannot, I can’t stand it. The thought of eternal damnation, gnashing of teeth, and you know, all this. Lake of fire, hades, it got real to me though. So, I decided to actually seek more and know more about Jesus.

Okay, so how has the journey been so far?

It has been, you know, as they say, ups and downs, really. Because, I have a gathering of friends, my influence, majorly, they are usually not always so committed.

The set of friends I’ve been having, it’s either I’m the one that is influencing them to know Christ, and to me, it was more like I wanted someone to actually influence me.

Someone that will always come to me, have you read your Bible today, but rather in my circle of friends, I was always the one doing it but it came to me that, really, maybe that’s the point.

Maybe the point is for me to be the light, and I’m not calling my friends darkness or anything like that, but being in the midst of people that actually don’t know Christ and reveal Christ to them and be the light to them.

So, majorly it’s been full of some downs but you know, it is usually one hope I have.

I don’t know, it’s funny. I have doubted it sometimes but I believe Jesus will actually come, and what will He find me doing.

What am I going to devote my entire life to do? Is it actually to depopulate the kingdom of darkness or to bring more people to the light of Jesus because I’m tired of preaching come to my church.

I’m actually more after come to Christ, like try to bring people to Christ. So, I’ll say it’s been a rocky story, rocky journey. But it’s a nice adventure for me. I’m willing to go with Jesus, so let’s go.

This is wonderful. At this point, what would you rate your relationship with God on the scale of 0-10?

At this present moment, I’m not trying to boast in myself because I can’t brag, I won’t blow my trumpet.

But even the count I will say , you sef will be like, ah is this why you are saying all this story, just say the number.

I’m actually giving it 8.5. There are more things I should be doing, not just praying and all. Before I start to ask God for gifts, I see people sick.

I get sick sometimes, and I prefer to heal myself rather than going to someone, you know, to get deliverance or healing. And I wish to do that to people around me.

If you are sick, I don’t even need to talk or blow my trumpet or say anything, and I walk past you, just the way peter’s handkerchief healed the sick, right.

I want things like that, and I have been praying more, like, there was this word that God gave me for the year.

It’s going to be a totally new adventure with you, and when I said , oh wow, Father I’m ready to recklessly abandon it all for you. So, I’ll actually give it an 8.5 because I’ve been opened to see more, and I’m willing to do more for Jesus. All it takes, all it takes.

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