How to Overcome Fear of Failure and Rejection

Fear of failure, also known as atychiphobia (fear of failure phobia, which is the extreme) has much great effects on its victim. True! We all get afraid of failing and being rejected most of the time. Sometimes it can be a catalyst to being successful. When it comes to you sitting down, not trying to push at all because you are afraid of failure, it’s more of the extreme. What are those negative effects fear of failure can have on you? How can you overcome fear of failure? Why do I have fear of failure and rejection?

Apart from fear of failure, another is fear of rejection. Many fail to pull out their ideas because of the fear of what people would say or if it will be accepted.

Effects Fear of Failure and Rejection Can Have On You

  • It keeps you unprepared for opportunities:

Fear of failure and rejection won’t offer any good, it will diminish preparedness for opportunities. The more you get afraid of failure, the more you run back to your shell relaxing.

Fear of failure and rejection won’t push that greatness in you out, it only restricts it. When you are already rendered unprepared for opportunities, and fortunately they came. Well, you’ll be forced to let them go because you are not prepared.

  • It makes you lose opportunities:

Opportunities will come, that’s sure. Your ability to make use of those opportunities turns them to gold.

Unfortunately, fear of failure at its extreme does one creepy thing. It will incapacitate you, it will not make you do your best.

It bars you from chasing some available opportunities sometimes. You think, “I don’t want to try, I’m not sure I’ll succeed. I’m not good enough at all. I will most likely fail at it”. So you let go of the opportunity.

  • It affects your decisions:

Fear of failure or rejection will change your mindset of what success is. Victims of fear of failure don’t really aim so high, they just play safe. They are so afraid of failure, so they change the gear of their goals and the way they intend to get it done.

  • It deems your eyes of positivity:

When you are all fears, fear of failure and rejection. You don’t get to see positive side of opportunities coming through. It only makes you only see possibility of failure even when you have not tried at all. I read in one of Brian Tracy’s book, that it has been proven that most of the time people are afraid of failing, they don’t actually fail.

  • It keeps you stuck and caged:

Yeah! That’s what fear of failure does. You’re afraid of failing, then you don’t want to pursue those ideas you are having. You fill yourself with negativity that keeps you tied down. You decided to panel your dreams down or you even decide not to pursue your ideas and dream

Fear of failure keeps you stuck. You don’t get to move forward because you are not pulling any trial.

So what can we do defeat this enemy? How can I overcome fear of failure and rejection?


How To Overcome Fear of Failure and Rejection

  • Talk to God about it:

If I were you, I’d go to God in prayers. I will tell Him about my fears. You know He’s a loving Father, He’ll always be there to help you out in as much as you are connected to Him.

  • Find the source of your fears:

Why are you so that soaked up in fear? Find the reason for the fear. Is it due to the past failures? Through stories of other people’s failure? Is it low self-esteem? Try to look round to see the source of your fear.

  • Talk about your fears to other people and get help:

Your fears seem to have lesser power on you than it used to if you decide to open up to people. Talking about those fears to people will relieve you of them. Make sure you open up to people who are capable of relieving you of it.

  • Be positive:

You know what? Refuse to let fear of failure take control of your eye of positivity. See the positive side. Do you know what this will do to you? It will increase your confidence to pull a trial since there’s certain possibility of success. Make positive confessions and believe them.

  • Gratitude:

Begin to give thanks to God for what you want to venture into. Thank God in advance for the success of it. This will send a great signal, and give you peace within.

  • Face Your Fears:

The best way to kill your fear is to face it. The more you face those daily, the more it vanish into thin air. Do it afraid, face your fears.

  • Do the opposite of fear:

The opposite of fear is faith, why not have faith in God and face your fears. Trust in God and face that fear. You can’t keep running for long.

  • Don’t wait for people’s approval

You don’t need to be sure if people feel good about your ideas or what you are aiming at. As long as you see and you can envision that idea and feel positive about. You don’t need people’s approval. Though, you may need advice from experienced people to be able to fully pull out your idea or aim what you want to aim at.

Conclusively, fear of failure is a limiting agent to your potentials. Don’t give in to it. Face those fears and soar higher and higher everyday

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