Fettered: The Tale of Eight-Teen Episode Fourteen

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Everything I told my mother about Margaret and I wasn’t really everything. I did not tell her about what happened that evening. The evening she came to visit. Things wouldn’t have been the same if I had told her.

The friendship between Okon and I waned. We stopped moving together totally. Even during school hours, we barely talked. I only talked to him when necessary. This was not solely because of my mother’s instruction, the impact of the friendship on my life was another reason.

Though I had cut off from Okon, the claws of pornography and masturbation held me so tightly. I’d download pornographic videos, then get into the act. As the day went by, the worse my addiction grew.

My father in all this, was troubled I had known his secret and he felt so insecured. He came to me privately to beg me so I could keep it from my mother, that it would not end well. Even if I decided to tell my mother, she might think I was going crazy. Besides, it will damage a lot more than the home.

Months passed, I was done with High School. I came out with the best WASSCE result in the school and the second best in the state. I had done UTME earlier and got 298 which gave me a pass to write the University of Ibadan Post-UTME. Gaining admission was quite an easy one for me, I hit the cutoff for the course I applied for – Medicine and Surgery.

Without much ado, everything necessary was done. It was a great day for me, the day I finally got free from the hook of my parents. It was an escape from my father who I fully hated at that time. Also, it was an escape from my mother who monitored and restricted my movements.

“Michael, I’m gonna miss you.” My mother sniffled. “You still remember all I told you, all the instructions?”

“Yes mummy, I do. I really need to go now. The hall registration is going on already.” She hugged me for a while before she released me.

“Come take this, you might need more money. You know?” My father said standing aloof.

I smiled, “okay.”

“Michael, seriously? Where’s your respect?” My mother said.

“I don’t understand” I looked at her.

“Where’s the sir? What’s come over you?”

My father scoffed. “That’s nothing and…”

“Really? You surprise me sometimes.” My mother looked from my father to me. I made sure to wear a straight face. My mother could smell foul play from afar, I think it’s a thing among mothers. My school mates had testified to it.

“Let’s go. Let’s go.” My father bade mother in as he got into the car.

I stood in front of the Sultan Bello Hall, heaved a sigh and shortly after, I joined the registration queue. It was a long one, and also tiring. After two hours of being on the queue, I was cleared. Immediately, I headed straight to the room I was allocated.

As I walked down the passageway, students were working on cleaning their various rooms. It was a great relief for me when I got into the room and found out that the room was already neat.

“Probably, my roommate did this. Thank God! At least, no more stress.” I dropped my mattress and laid it on the bunk.

In no time, the arranging of my bags was done. So, I decided to take a nap. As I lay, I could feel it. The feeling of being independent, it was great and awkward at the same time.


The knocks on the door woke me up from my sleep. I reluctantly got up to open up the door. There was a teenage boy neatly dressed, he looked my age, but he was more handsome. Trust me, I had not seen so many handsome guys like him.

“Sorry, who are you?” I leaned forward on the door after I opened it a little.

“Ehm, I should be asking you that. This is my room.”

“Oh, roommate!” I felt bad, and quickly pleaded. “I’m really sorry.”

“It’s all right. Next time, be more careful, I hate being delayed.” At this point, I felt he had an atom of pride in him.

After he had settled down, I decided to thank him for the cleaning up the room.

“Thanks for the cleaning, I hope it was not stressful.”

“What?” He asked absent-mindedly. “Oh you mean the cleaning.” He dropped his phone on the bed.

“I didn’t clean it. I paid one of the cleaners to do the job. I can’t stress myself at all, man. Would you have done it?” He sat up on his bed.

“Uhm. I would, actually.”


My phone rang, it was my father calling. “What does he want?” I hissed. “I’m sorry, one minute please.”


“Michael, are you fully settled down now?”


There was silence for about 10 seconds before he broke it. “Michael, I know you’re mad at me. Really, I’m sorry for everything. It’s not entirely my fault.”

I scoffed, “really?”

“Believe me, Michael.”

“You don’t owe me an apology. You know the right thing to do.”

Once again, there was silence. “If that’s all, I’ll be putting an end to this call.” I dropped the phone.

My roommate stared at me, “isn’t that your popsy?”

“Yes. You haven’t told me your name.”

“Neither have you.” He smiled. “I’m Frederick, folks call me Fredo! So I guess you can call me that.”

“I’m Michael.” We shook hands.

Fredo brought the idea that we should go out, according to him, to explore the campus terrain. Since there was nothing much for me to do, it was the first day on campus. I gave in to the idea.

“But before we go, let me take a shower.

“This guy sef, probably he’s one of these extremely rich people’s children. How many times person go bath for one day.” I thought as he went out to use the bathroom.

I picked up my phone and started roaming around aimlessly. From Facebook, to 2go where I saw Margaret’s profile. It had been months she died, it wasn’t easy at first to move on. I sighed. I deleted all the chats we had together, so to be able to sever the past from the present then.

From 2go, I ended up on my phone browser, and I had nothing doing there except to watch pornography. I would download the videos, and delete immediately it steered me into the act of masturbation. It came to a point, I decided to keep the videos saved but I safeguarded my phone tooth and nail.
After watching the videos for a while, I decided to get into the act. I check the passageway to see if Fredo was not coming. I hastily closed the door, and got into the act. Deeply lost in the act, I almost didn’t perceive that Fredo would have been done in the bathroom. Immediately I heard the door opened, I roughly posed as if nothing was going on. It was quite obvious I was hiding something.

Fredo stood still at the entrance, looking into my eyes. I tried feigning a little smile. He looked down to my trousers but I didn’t shift my gaze. He overlooked it and went on with dressing up. I heaved a sigh of relief, and checked my trousers. My heart pounded when I saw that it was obviously wet.

“Phew! Why am I so stupid?” I thought.

“Fredo, I’ll just go take my bath too.”

“It’s really necessary man, I understand.”

“Oh God, this guy definitely knows what I was doing.” My heart pounded.

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