Fettered: The Tale of Eight-Teen Episode Seventeen

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Few weeks after I met the lady – Catherine, we got talking and we chatted a lot. It didn’t take much time, we started chatting dirty online. She was so intentional about it and I was so feeling myself. I made sure to tell Fredo about my progress with her.

“I salute you, Michael.” Fredo raised his hands.

I smiled. “Guy, our chemistry test results is out.”

“Which one of them?”


Fredo became unusually silent and I was able to figure out the reason behind it. He had been having issues with many courses. Even though we talk a lot, mostly vain discussion, we don’t talk about academics. I did not have issues with academics, at least I was beyond average which was not risky.

The vibration from my phone drew my attention. It was a text message from Catherine.

It read thus, “Babe, can I come over to your hostel? I really do miss you.”

I jumped up, “Fredo, she wan come here! She wan come here.” I shouted.

I quickly pulled a call through to her and told her I would come to pick her. In a rush, I told Fredo to make sure to leave the room before I come back with her, and I zoomed off. Within few minutes, I was at Awolowo Hall.

It was late, we walked together, back to my hall. Even though the visiting time was slated to close by 9pm, I didn’t bother. I had planned that she’d sleep over and she’ll leave the next day. The hall porters would think she came that morning.

The road we plied was so free, we ran and played. She’d look at me from time to time, and smile lightly. I held her shoulders lightly and she held my waist. While we walked, I remembered about Margaret that night, and her death too. I felt weak and wanted to do away with Catherine, I didn’t know what was happening to me. I thought to myself, “this is not the first time I’d do this. I don’t need to feel bad because of what had happened to Margaret.”

As we approached Bello Hall gate, Gold was coming out of the hall. He greeted me, and bade me goodbye. Immediately I had seen him, I thought he’d vehemently warn me. I sighed when he bade me goodbye. Just when I thought he had left, he called me.

I screamed on my inside, “I knew it. I knew it. Must he always talk?”

“Catherine, you just go to the top floor of the A Block, and count nine rooms down. The ninth room is mine.”

“Okay,” she looked at Gold before she left.

“So what is it, Gold?”

“That girl, she’s evil. She’s not up to something good.” He said with all sense of seriousness.

“I knew it. Was it God that told you that one again?” I threw my hands in the air. “Gold, you no dey hear word. Free me. Leave my matter abeg.”

“Michael, listen to me. I have seen you with ladies. Even though what you do with them is immoral, apart from warning you about the immorality, have I ever told you that anyone of them is evil? I have always told you that this immorality thing won’t end you up in a cool situation, but this is specific. There’s this aura of darkness around her, I felt it strongly. This lady is evil.” He rushed all his words and laid more emphasis on his last sentence.

Abeg…” I walked out on him, even though the words struck me. I just wanted to satisfy my lustful desires. He kept on calling me but I refused to answer him.

As I ran into the hall, the porter greeted me. I had to shout so he could hear me return his greetings.

I joined Catherine in the room. She was already laying on bed. She told me she was hungry, so I had to get her food from the hall cafeteria. We talked while she ate. In no time, she was done eaten and things started brewing up. Suddenly, my phone rang, I broke off from her hold and picked the call.

“Hello mummy.”

“Michael, where are you?”

I moved away from Catherine, “I’m in my room.”

“You’re in danger zone, Michael. Even if it’s your room, leave the place now.”

“What’s that supposed to…”

She cut in. “You have started. O tun de. Just listen to me. Leave where you are, and don’t go with anybody.” She shouted.

I walked out of the room so Catherine couldn’t hear. “Where will I now sleep?”

“Don’t you have churches on your campus ni? So go there, go sleep there for tonight.” She cut the call.

Kini gbogbo eleyii bayii? What’s all these? First, it was Gold. Now, my mum.” I thought.

My mother had never called me that way, urgently demanding me to do anything. I thought about it so hardly. I strongly wanted to stay, and on the other side I felt I should just obey my mother.

Catherine called out to me, phasing me out of my thoughts.

I entered the room, and stood a while, thinking . “Catherine, I urgently need to be somewhere now. Wait here, till I come back.”

She squeezed her face, “how urgent is it? Can’t it wait?” She drew closer to me and held me.

“No, it’s so urgent.” I gently got her hands off me and left. I literally ran out of the hall. I had gotten to Chapel of Resurrection before I thought about it. I couldn’t place my hands on why I was running, it was as though someone was chasing me really hard.

I slept in the chapel, it wasn’t an easy one. There were other people in the chapel. Some came to study, some to pray. I just had to be there, I was just trying to obey my mother.

“I’ll make it up to Catherine later sha.” I uttered to myself.
“What if this girl is really evil?” My heart skipped a beat.

After many strange thoughts had a cruise in my mind, I was able to sleep. Besides the mosquitoes that disrupted my sleep once in a while, I slept so well.

It was 7am. I checked my phone. Five missed calls from Chibueze – a floormate, seven from Gold. What could be happening? I was wondering why they both had to call me that much. Chibueze had never called me.


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October 26, 2020 12:45 am

Bro this suspense is killing me, i cant wait ooo… Next episode pls

October 26, 2020 5:16 pm

Hmmm, can’t wait 😀

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