10 Ways To Get Rid of Inferiority Complex

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Inferiority complex is doubt and uncertainty about oneself, and feelings of not measuring up to standards. Many of us feel less of who we really are at times due to some factors. We can help ourselves get better. You  really want to get rid of inferiority complex but you don’t know how. How do I get rid of inferiority complex? What can I do to overcome inferiority complex? How do I overcome inferiority complex?

What Causes an Inferiority Complex?

Before we go check out how we can deal with inferiority complex, let’s see the causes of inferiority complex. What can cause an Inferiority Complex?

  • Parental Upbringing and attitude:

The attitude of a child is being built up before the age of six. The attitude of parents towards the child is mostlikely to affect the child’s attitude. If parents always give a negative remark to everything their children do as a kid, the children will be timid in making moves to whatever they want to do. The attitude has been unconsciously built. Parents laying emphasis on short comings of a child can make the child inferior as time goes on.

  • Physical defect:

Another cause for the feeling of inferiority is physical defect. An individual with a physical defect is prone to feel lesser than anyone else which is not so.

  • Mental limitations:

Another thing that can bring about Inferiority Complex is mental limitations. Limiting yourself mentally can cause you to feel less of yourself.

  • Constant comparison:

When you always compare yourself with everyone you think is better, you will always feel you are not needed and inferior.

  • Gender/Religion/Sexual discrimination:

Discrimination is another cause of inferiority complex in some individuals. This can affect a child’s academic performance. You can imagine a child being discriminated because he/she is black, the feel of being inferior to his white mates is prone to fill up his/her mind.

  • Past failures:

So many individuals thought because they failed at some points in time, they can’t succeed again. The thoughts of failure dampens their confidence and replace it with a feel of inferiority.

What are the Symptoms of Inferiority Complex?

Do you have an inferiority complex? These symptoms of Inferiority Complex will help you figure out if you have inferiority complex or not.

  • Being highly sensitive to criticisms

An individual with inferiority complex is very sensitive to criticisms. He/she can easily get depressed at negative criticisms on his/her work

  • You are comparing yourself to others

“Philips is more fluent than I am, I can’t make it pass him”, “John sings better than I do”. Comparison kills. If you keep comparing yourself to others, then you should worry about to treat inferiority complex.

  • Perfectionism:

There’s nothing you do that seem good to you. You always find fault about what you do. You should keep watch, perhaps you need to deal with inferiority complex.

  • You hide your weakness:

Another sign of inferiority complex is hiding your weakness from people, you just want them to see your strength. Nothing else. Instead of working on the weakness, you keep hiding.

  • You feel worthless:

Inferiority complex comes with a feel of worthlessness. When you feel worthless of yourself. You should be sure you are not looking down on yourself.

  • Social withdrawal:

Since there’s this feel that you are not as good as others, so you withdraw from social activities and all that. This may be a pointer that you need to get rid of inferiority complex.

  • Fear of making mistakes:

Instead of pulling a trial, you decided not to because you feel you may make mistakes and fail. Fear of making a mistake at anything is a symptom of inferiority complex.

  • You procrastinate always:

Procrastination is also a sign of inferiority complex in an individual. The individual prefers procrastinating due to feel of incapability.

  • You crave flattery:

You always want people to flatter you and say good things about you and what you do always. That’s another pointer you may be a victim of inferiority complex

How to overcome inferiority complex

How to Overcome or Get Rid of Inferiority Complex

How can I deal with inferiority complex? Getting to cure your inferiority complex is not impossible, it’s what you have to be determine to do. It’s only you that can help yourself with it. Here are the what you need to treat inferiority complex:

  • Find the cause of your inferiority complex:

Try to reflect back, find the root of your inferiority complex. It may be from your experience during childhood. Probably you had overly critical or shaming parents. Is it a physical defect you have that makes you feel lesser than everyone else? Perhaps you failed to achieve a set goal. You may as well feel directly inferior to someone. Look deep within because before you can defeat an enemy, you must know the enemy. To get rid of inferiority complex, you must find the cause.

  • Be sure that everyone is inferior in one way or the other:

Don’t feel too bad, you think Mr. A is a better singer than you are. So you decided not to show up for that audition? Just because he’ll be there? No! Don’t do that. Don’t give in. You may think he’s better, but you sure do have your strength. We all have our strength and weakness.

  • Stop trying to be like others:

This is another thing that can cause inferiority. When you try to be like someone but you couldn’t meet up the standard you set. You’ll be disappointed. Just be yourself. You can only be the best being yourself.

You can have role models, those you look up to, to achieve your dreams. Just be sure you are yourself.

You know one true thing about you? No one can be like you! So be that unique you mehn! Don’t try be another person because as nobody can be like you, you can’t be like any other person too.

  • Stop worrying about what other think:

This prone to disappoint you which will not be a good one for you. Everyone has an opinion of who they think you are, but is that you are? So don’t worry about what people think because you won’t get positivity from them all the time.

  • Remind yourself of God’s love:

Don’t feel bad about yourself because of past experiences. Let the thought of God’s love fill your mind. Ponder on the fact He created you very best. So it will be bad of you to think very low of yourself.

  • Look beyond, see positivity:

Don’t narrow your mind on your weak part. Remember I told you everyone has this weakness in which they are inferior to other people. So see your positive side. Look beyond the weakness.

  • Stop comparing yourself with others:

Comparison kills. Don’t allow it, never compare yourself with anyone. It blinds you to see the better part of yourself.

  • Be self confident:

Build your confidence. It will go a long way to always help you see the best in you. Confidence doesn’t run away because others better are also trying. Confidence believes in himself or herself and see the best. Are you the confidence I see?

  • Interact with people:

Someone suffering from inferiority complex is likely to withdraw from people. Interact with people, especially those who can impact your life.

  • Keep working on yourself:

Don’t stop working on yourself so you can get to that place you see for yourself. When you set goals, and work hard to achieve them. It’s difficult to succumb to inferiority. Keep working on yourself

Don’t be bedridden by inferiority. You can do it! Get rid of inferiority complex.

I hope this article helped.

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