How Do I Know Which Church God Wants Me to Go?

Did you move to a new location , or you just got saved and you are wondering what church God would have you go? 

It is not news that not all churches are aligned to God, His words, character and person.

So, how do we figure out the church God would have us go to?

How to Know Which Church God Wants You to Go?

Without further ado, let us see how how we can know the church God would have us go:

1. Ask God to Lead You

It is a great thing that you want to go to a church God would have you go to.

Now, you need to speak to God first about it. Tell it to Him in prayers.

You have the Spirit of God in you, as a Christian. God is able to answer our prayer, and He speaks to His own and leads them in various ways.

Once you pray, expect to be led by God.

So, you need to be sensitive to be able to know what God would have you do, and where He’d have you go.

2. Be Sensitive to God’s Leading

God can speak through a friend of yours. One of your friends might just get to invite you to their church.

And God might speak to you through the still small voice. 

You might feel like it is just a nagging thought in your head, but it might be God trying to lead you to where you should be.


And it might just be that you know and you are sure that you are meant to be in a particular church.

All these are just examples, and means God can tell you what to do.

It doesn’t have to be confined to any of these. Just be sensitive.

When God leads you, you will know and you will be sure of it.

3. Know that God wants you to go to a local church where you can grow.

It is important that you know whichever church you will be, is a place for your spiritual growth.

The church is a structure put in place by God for you to grow spiritually.

So, if the church is not particular and keen on your spiritual growth, that is really a red flag that you should not take lightly.

If they do everything but nothing that pertains to your spiritual growth, it is a big red flag.

4. Know that God want you to be a part of a balanced and growing church

The church you should be a member of, should be one that is balanced and growing, and also cares about your spiritual growth personally. 

I understand if you are just getting to find your footings because you just newly found faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

And it feels hard to pick if God is trying to speak to you or not.

I want you to know that there are specific signs that you can look out for, to know if a church is a balanced Bible based church that you can be a member of.


I will list the signs below for you to be able to check things.

The Sign of a Balanced and Growing Church

There are signs that can help us know if the church is aligned with God:

1. Love of God

One thing that should be visible in a church is the love of God among the members of the church.

You won’t have to look so deep to really know there is love among the members of the church.

It is really hard to pretend to love the God-kind of way.

If there is anything that screams loud among a people, it is the absence or the presence of love among them.

2. They are keen on God’s word

The pastor takes time to break the word of God rightly for the church members for them to understand the things of God.

They do not joke with teaching the word, every time they can.

And this is because they want the believers to be well grounded in the word.

3. They have a prayer culture

There is a structure to teach believers of Jesus how to pray, and they pray as a family consistently.

This fuels and stirs one’s personal place of prayer. A balanced church prays.

4. They are passionate about winning souls to Jesus

They are keen on snatching people from the snare of eternal damnation, and helping them find salvation.


They are not slack with it, they know the urgency of soul winning. 

5. They are passionate about discipling people in the way of the Lord, not just adding numbers to the church

They understand the need to disciple newly saved believers of Jesus Christ, and they actively do it.

They help these new believers find their footings in the faith

Final Words on Knowing Which Church God Would Have You Go

All these are good, but the most important is being led by God to the church you should fellowship.

I pray for you divine and supernatural guidance in Jesus’ name. 

You can privately send me a message, if you need to ask more questions. God bless you.

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