How to Build Your Self Confidence

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I have met quite a number of people who would say, “I do not like to stand in front of people doing anything or leading, I don’t want to be seen at all. I can’t do this at all” when they are asked to partake in one thing or the other. Most of those kinds of statements were borne out of fear and lack of self-confidence. I was once in their shoes, so I can relate.

Self-confidence is not to think of one’s self highly than others but to believe in the ability of one’s self to achieve that which is required. You should know that to achieve quite a number of things you need to believe that you can do it.

Yes, there is a place for support from friends and families but the truth is there are times you may not find anyone to support or motivate you. You have to trust in God to help you. How can you build your self confidence? Can I build self-confidence? How to build your self confidence?

How To Build Your Self Confidence

  • Believe you can Do all things through Jesus Christ:

Someone said to me a long time ago and I am going to say the same to you. “Anytime you are called upon to do one thing or the other, never you say no because you are afraid or because you feel you are not good enough to do it. Accept to do it with all joy because you can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengthens you (Philippians 4:13). The Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love, and self-discipline (2 Timothy 1:7).”

God is able to help you even in your weaknesses. Just ask and you will receive it. There are times you may want to question if you can do one thing or the other (It happens to me too). Just know you are not alone. Trust God to help you get over your fears and pray about it. You will feel much better, I do that too. How to build your self-confidence? Believing in God is the first step.

  • Don’t try to make everyone love you:

Men will not always like all you do and that is the truth. Learn not to live your life based on what people think or say. Do not try to satisfy everyone or make everyone love you. It is a wasted effort. It is not going to work. The truth is not everyone will love you no matter how hard you try.

Do not ever think you are not good enough or you are dull, based on what people say. Some people are so full of negativity. Let it motivate you to be better instead. You can do better. You can be better.

  • Be authentic:

Learn to be yourself. Know who you are and what you want. Know that you are not EVERYBODY but SOMEBODY, so you cannot be like EVERYBODY. You are unique in your own way. You are great at something, so endeavor to be you and you alone. Do not kill your self-confidence by trying to be like somebody. The moment you feel you are not getting any closer to being like ‘somebody’, you begin to kill your self-confidence. And that’s not how to build your confidence. Know also that the world appreciates originality and authenticity. It is so boring trying to be somebody you are not.

  • Try new things out when you have the opportunity to:

To build your self-confidence, learn to try new things as the opportunity arises. Seek ways to improve yourself as you try them out. You can participate in a debate, talk, or competition to build your self-confidence.

Some time ago, the least thing I love doing is standing in front of a large crowd. Oh! I did not like that feeling but I had to gain more confidence in myself. I got involved in singing, teaching, and writing and I got more confident. You can try one of those too.

  • Be ready to learn:

If you want to build your self-confidence you should be ready to learn. Be ready to read, study and know more. Most timid people feel they do not know anything so they can do nothing. Well, that may be true but the fact is that you can learn and improve.

  • Be ready to make mistakes:

You can’t do everything perfectly at all times. You will only keep getting better. I have made mistakes too. Just be confident enough to identify your mistakes, learn from them, and work on them so you won’t make such mistakes again. You can become better at what you do.

  • Avoid negativity:

Have friends you can talk to about your fears and will encourage you. Keep friends that will not kill your self-esteem but help you improve.

Know that some situations may make you want to doubt your abilities. Do not give in. You have great abilities. You are able to do great things! This is how to build your self-confidence.

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