How to Find your Purpose in Life with God

How to find your purpose

An inventor creates an invention with a motive to solve a problem, which serves as the purpose of that invention. Your sojourn on planet earth is not is not just to be on earth but to fulfill a specific purpose. How can you find your purpose in life with God?

Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is? Do you know what comes with living a purpose driven life? You being on earth is not just a joke, it comes with some certain purpose which should be fulfilled. How to find your purpose in life with God? Yeah! How to discover your purpose in life? What is my life’s purpose? How do I find God’s purpose for my life? Sit back, let’s talk about this.

How to find your purpose in life with God? Let’s get to know what purpose is.

Purpose is the reason for which something is done, the reason for existence. Your creation is for a reason. Each and every individual has a unique purpose to fulfill on earth but a higher percentage have not successfully found their purpose.

How can you walk in the light of what you are blind to?

Your existence on this planet is not to fill up the land mass. You are created to fulfill a purpose. How to find your purpose? Okay, smile. You’ll find your answers here by God’s grace

How to find your purpose

Roy T. Bennett said “Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others”


How To Find Your Purpose in Life with God

  • Have a relationship with God:

To find your  purpose in life, you must first connect to the one who made you. He designed the purpose for which you’d live. He’s the best to give you an accurate answer.

It’s just like a machine that you want to operate, for maximal operation it’s better to read the manufacturer’s guide. You can decide to operate it without bothering about the manufacturer’s guide. Trust me, you’ll be forced to go back to the guide, once any fault arise or probably it got out of hand during operation.

You can’t live a purpose-driven life with God out of the box. No! It ain’t possible. There may be a whole lot of people out there who don’t know God. Yeah, I know you think they are doing fine. They may be doing fine but how sure are you that they are living a purpose-driven life? 

The start to finding that purpose is to get connected to your Creator. Jesus Christ is the only way. He’s the only way to God. You can never go wrong walking in the way of the one who created you. He’ll lead you, just surrender to His lead. Seek His will in all and you’ll never get lost. Getting connected to God is necessary to fulfill your purpose.

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  • Your gifts and talents:

God has deposited some things in you during creation, they are gifts and talents. These are things you can do better than anyone else.

Say singing, some are immensely talented with a very good singing voice. Your gifts and talents are pointers to finding your purpose.

Your gifts and talents are not just there for fun. They have a part or role to play in your purpose.

I have met some people who think they don’t have any gift or talent, but it’s a big lie. It’s either you have not found it or you are blind to it. Open your eyes to see those things that seem to be your talent. I’ll like to call them superpowers. So find your talents. Look inwards, what do you know how to do better than anyone. You can seek for help from your parents or friends, they might have noticed somethings. Trust me, you have a talent, you just need to discover it.

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  • Your passion:

Most of us have one thing we are so passionate about. We can give up anything to do those things. I remember when I was still attending guitar classes. Though, I had no money to board a taxi to classes, I didn’t miss classes that were fixed. Most of the time I trek, almost an hour or so. That’s the least sacrifice one can make for what you love.

There are some passion that externally induced. I mean, there are some passion you developed just because you have to. A typical example is the case of many students in Nigeria. Their parents demanded they study a particular course, so they had to develop passion for it. It’s not that kind of passion I am talking about.

Many are confused, they mistake obsession for passion. They are two different entities.

Roy T. Bennett says “If you have a strong purpose in life, you don’t have to be pushed. Your passion will drive you there”


Conclusively, finding your purpose is necessary to living a fulfilled life. These points are essential on how to find your purpose in life with God. I wish you all the best walking in purpose.


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