Is Using Attachments or Perming Your Hair a Sin?

I’ve heard quite a number of things on the use of attachment, and I’ve seen the reaction of Christians to the act of perming the hair.

In this blog post, I will be writing on, “Is Using Attachment or Perming the Hair a Sin?”

Is Using Attachment a Sin?

Using attachment is not a sin, at all. One salient thing that the Bible admonishes us regarding this is modesty and moderation.

This belief that attachment is a sin is predominant in many African churches for some reasons which I will discuss later.

Is Perming Your Hair a Sin?

Perming your hair is not a sin. Let us be careful not to live as if our self righteousness is our saviour. 

We are saved by grace by faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. I know this is not a license to sin, but it is also not a call for legalism.

Myths About Attachments and Perming Your Hair

There are a lot of myths flying around concerning use of attachments and perming of hair. They include 

1. It is sinful because they are not natural

This is a popular belief of many. If this was the case for everything, we might end up not using anything outside of natural creation for fashion or beauty.

This would mean that the use of body cream, lotion, hair cream, etc are sinful.

2. They are made from the underworld

This sounds so funny to me because I’m imagining how possible that is.

I know that this world is under the rule of satan, and things can be controlled by satan himself.

But why should we be quick to say that things like attachment came from the underworld because it is not exactly natural.


I guess this was also sponsored by some acclaimed visions. 

2. 1 Peter 2:9 doesn’t even allow braiding not to say using attachment or perming your hair

This right here is what some Christian says, and whereas Apostle Peter was not forbidding the braiding of hair.

He was only admonishing them to prioritize the things that matter. Your dressing, how you look, and all should not be more prioritized than you showing your inward beauty.

3. It is a worldly habit

So, another myth around using attachment or perming hair is that many claim that this is of the world.

Things that are of the world are things not in line with the will and the ways of God.

What Matters More in Using Attachment or Perming Your Hair

We must not chase things that do not matter as much, and leave the most important things. 

These are the most important things you should take note:

1. Your priority

You should never make the use of attachment or perming your hair an idol. It should not be something that you can’t do without.

2. Your modesty

Ensure to note these things that I’m about to point out. You are born of God! 

Your body is the temple of God. God lives in you! Let this be in your subconscious, and let it guide you on how you do everything.

Be Jesus Conscious, Don’t Be Sin Conscious

It can be easy to think you are righteous by your power when you are sin conscious like this.

Make sure to keep your gaze on the grace of Jesus Christ, not your self righteousness.


Jesus saved you when you believed and confessed that he died and rose again for your sins. 

Your redemption resides in what Jesus did, not what you did, are doing, or will do.

The transformation going on and that will continue to go on in your life is possible by the person of the Holy Spirit residing in you. 

Be Jesus conscious, and you will continually grow into becoming like Him.

Final Verdict on Using Attachment on Perming Your Hair Being a Sin

Using attachment or perming your hair is not a sin, but if you think you sin by using or perming your hair, I think it is just okay to not do it.

My mum does not make use of attachment at all, but she does plait and braid her hair. This does not make her any less Christian because she doesn’t believe in attachments.

As long as the core matters of the Christian faith brings us all together, things like this should not make you see anyone less of a Christian.


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Victor Loore


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