Is Cheating on your Girlfriend or Boyfriend a Sin?

Did you end up in a bad position with another person other than your dating partner?

And this is crippling your conscience, wondering if it is a sin or not?

I am eager to say some things right away, but I want to make sure that the meaning of cheating is well established

What is Cheating Exactly?

Cheating could mean a lot of things.

It simply means to break the trust and commitment between you and your dating/marriage partner.

Most times, cheating is equaled to getting physical with another person other than your partner. 

A quick digression, as an unmarried Christian, you should be abstaining till you are committed to someone in marriage..

If you have gone ahead on it with someone else, you have done your partner wrong, and most importantly wronged God too.

Now, there is another type of cheating called emotional cheating.

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And most often precedes physical cheating, if it does happen.

And if physical cheating does not happen, emotional cheating is still cheating.

This kind of cheating involves emotional intimacy with another person other than your partner.


Giving someone other than your partner the emotional space meant for them.

And one thing about cheating is that it is an intentional act. You can’t claim to slip into cheating.

It most times follows a process, and it takes one to consciously make that decision to do it.

Is It a Sin to Cheat on your Girlfriend or Boyfriend?

is cheating on your girlfriend or boyfriend a sin?

Cheating on your girlfriend or boyfriend is a sin. Yes, it is

This is definitely not  what God would like. He would not like you to break your partner by going out to cheat on them.

This definitely does not go in line or align with the person and character of God.

And probably you are wondering that it is no big deal since you are not married, you are just in a relationship with them.

A committed relationship exists when there is a verbal agreement by two people of opposite gender to pursue a journey that is intended to end in marriage.

It is an agreement, and cheating breaks that trust.

If one can’t be committed in a relationship, it won’t be different in marriage.

What it Mean When You Cheat on Your Dating Partner as a Christian?

Cheating on a partner means a lot could say a lot about you and your relationship with your partner

1. It say a lot about you and your values

Cheating on your partner in a relationship you are supposedly meant to be committed to, says a lot about your kind of person and what you value.


2. It shows how much you fear God

If you fear God indeed, you’d not do anything that is wrong to them. 

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3. You do not value what you have with your partner and respect them

If you truly value what you have going on with your partner, and that you respect them, you will not abhor the idea of cheating on them.

4. You do not love your partner

If you truly love your partner, you will want the best for them.

And that best does not anyway include you cheating on the partner.

5. You do not see your future with your partner

Yes, that is what it means.

If indeed you see your future with your partner, you will guard it jealously and not allow anything that can disrupt it

6. You lack self control

If you cannot stay true to your commitment to your dating partner, it won’t change in marriage.

It shows how much self control you lack as a person.

What If You’ve Been Cheating on your Partner?

If you have been cheating on your partner, you need to repent and repair things.

Here are things you should do:

1. Know that you’ve wronged God and your partner

What you have done is not only bad to your partner; it shows how much you don’t fear God.

You have not only wronged your partner, you have wronged God too.


So, you need to ask God for forgiveness, and repent from the unfaithfulness.

2. Reveal the truth yourself

This seems to be the hardest part, as you will need to tell your partner yourself before they find out in any way.

This can turn out in different ways. They may break up the relationship, because of your unfaithfulness.

They may also decide to work things out with you, which will take a long process.

In short, be prepared for the consequences of this action.

Be ready to shoulder the consequence that it may come with.

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Hard Truth You Need to Know about Cheating When You are Not Married

There are truths you need to know about cheating.

It has a lot of effect on both the cheater and the person being cheated on:

1. Cheating makes hard it for the two parties to trust in their future relationships

If things go south in their current relationship, they may find it hard to trust in their coming relationships, as they may think about the possibility of their partner cheating on them.

2. It hurts the person cheated on

It shatters them because they trusted the person, and invested their emotions with them.

This will have a great effect on their emotions, negatively.

3. After your partner discover that you cheated, they will lose trust for you a big deal

When your partner gets to know about you cheating, it breaks the trust they have for you.

If they ever decide to work things out, you will have to do a great work gaining their trust again.

4. Cheating is expensive and makes you lose your peace

Why lose your conscience and peace of mind over unfaithfulness?

Faithfulness in your relationship is easier than unfaithfulness. You will not be at peace.

Anxiety will be all over you. You will feel guilty. And what are you gaining? Literally nothing.


Cheating on your dating partner is not Christ-like, and not a behaviour that should be found among us – believers of Jesus Christ. I hope this answers your question. 

I would like to hear from you in the comment section. Thanks. 

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