Is Christian Rap a Sin?

Lately, in the last few years, there have been a lot of artiste in Christian counterpart genres, like Christian pop, Christian rock, Christian rap, Christian afro-pop, etc.

I know we are all used to the regular sounds attached or acquainted with gospel songs, but does it have to be limited to that?

For this blog post, we are going to be looking to discuss about Christian rap songs. Is it okay to listen to them? Is Christian rap a sin?

Is Christian Rap a Sin?

I know many would worry that rap is originally from people who are not of the Christian faith.

But we need to understand that the sanctity of a Christian song is not about the genre, it is more than that.

Christian rap is not a sin. Listening to Christian rap songs is not a sin.

The question you should be asking is that, “what kind of Christian rap can I listen to?”

The test that a Christian rap song needs to go to, to be worthy of being consumed over and over again by a Christian, is the same test that every Christian song needs to go through.

What Makes a Christian Rap Song Worthy of Being Listened to by a Christian

There are a number of things that will make Christian rap songs worthy of being listened to by a Christian, like any other Christian song.

1. The Christian rap song is composed by a Christian

We can’t claim that a rap song is a Christian rap song if it’s not composed by a Christian. What makes the Christian different is the Holyspirit, that the unsaved does not have. What can that being do to the body of Christ? Teach us through songs? Or edify us? Or instruct us?

It’s a standing requirement. We can’t say that because Cardi B or Nicki Minaj composes a Jesus themed song that the song is a Christian song.

It’s a different case if Cardi B or Nicki Minaj starts believing in Jesus Christ to accept the salvation of God made available through Jesus, and then they make a song like that.


2. The Christian rap song is about the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The songs can be around the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ, or talk about the salvation made available to all by Jesus Christ.

These kind of Christian rap songs can remind Christians of the faith we have received in Jesus Christ, and it also preaches the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unsaved.

3. The Christian rap song can teach

A Christian rap song can teach you the things of God. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to communicate the truth of God’s word to a generation.

Music registers in our subconscious the more we listen to it. And that is the kind of attention that the truth of God needs in our life, that we consume it over and over till it becomes part of us.

It can be that it teaches about contentment, love or patience. As long as it teaches things, consistent with the Bible, it passes this test.

4. The Christian rap song can instruct

There’s such a thing as instruction for the body of Christ. We see Paul in the epistle many times instructing the body of Christ through his writing.

God can use a song, which does not exclude rap songs, to instruct his people. It can be to some specific kind of people, or for a specific kind of situation.

5. The Christian rap song can encourage

One of the supposed qualities of a song is that it encourages the believer, in one way or another.

6. The Christian rap song is doctrinally balanced

A Christian rap song should be balanced in doctrine. This places a demand of fellowship, study and discernment on the minister.

The Christian rap song you should listen to should the number 1 test and any other one here. Stop looking down on Christian rap songs, because of the fact that it’s “rap”

If any Christian rap artiste really takes the work seriously, it’s more than just creativity, it’s a form of ministering to God’s people.

Are there Christian rap artistes sending out unworthy Christian rap songs? Yes, there are! You need to be discerning to know what is what. You can get better by studying the Bible.


I hope this helped you. You can send in your comments if it did help you.


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