Is it a Sin to Leave the Catholic Church?

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Are you catholic, and you are thinking of leaving the Catholic church for some reasons best known to you? Or you are just wondering if it is a sin to leave the Catholic church?

Is it a Sin to Leave the Catholic Church?

I think you need to ask yourself this question first. Is your devotion first to a church denomination or Jesus Christ?

Leaving the Catholic church is not a sin. What the Bible commanded us to do is never to neglect the gathering of the believer.

Good Reasons to Leave a Church

You might be wondering if there might be a good reason why someone might leave a church gathering. Yes, there are legit reason why someone should consider leaving a church, either catholic or any other church

  1. Wrong doctrines

If by the reason of spiritual growth, in the place of fellowshipping with God, you discovered that the doctrines of the church are not aligned with the church’s doctrine, it might be a good reason to leave.

The way denomination churches are structured. An ordinary church member or member of the church workforce can not query the doctrine of the church. This is not because you can’t, but because your voice might not be heard.

Instead of fighting that battle, you may as well join yourself with other believers who are devoted to following the doctrine of Christ, as expressed in the scripture.

The matter of doctrine is not something to joke with, as this is the basis of our faith. The apostles in the early church handled it well in teaching the church the doctrine of Christ. 

  1. You are not growing as a believer
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In as much as you have a quota to add in efforts to grow spiritually, God has placed leaders in church whose work is to ensure the growth of believers. This includes discipleship and teaching the believers the necessary things about their faith in Jesus Christ.

And if for any reason you noticed and discovered that this responsibility is not being fulfilled, you can forge on to a gathering of believers where the word of God is adequately taught, the culture of prayer is taught, and the spreading of the Gospel of Christ is prioritized.

  1. You are instructed to leave

If God is instructing you to leave a church or move to another church, this is a clear and cogent reason to leave immediately.

It is not about Denomination; It is about Christ

Our loyalty is to God and Jesus Christ, and not a denomination. Even the men of God that we follow and submit to, we do that as they follow Christ. 

So, when deciding when to leave a church, either Catholic or not, check if it is a thing God would approve. 

I hope this helps you answer the question, “is it a sin to leave the catholic church?”

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