Is It a Sin to Wear Shorts?

I remember when a friend talked about me wearing shorts now when I started wearing shorts. And this really made me think about it. 

Are shorts really something bad? Well, in this blog post, I will be writing about, “Is it a sin to wear shorts?”

Is It a Sin to Wear Shorts?

There is no sin in wearing shorts, but some shorts are very short, and not in any way modest.

We must be able to draw the line and know what is modest and what is not.

What Does the Bible Say About Wearing Shorts?

There are no specific bible verses about shorts. I strongly believe that there were no shorts back then, in the exact form of what we have right now. 

But one thing the Bible is big on is modesty. Our dressing on the outside must align with the greatness on the inside of us.

We as Christians should care so much about modesty. 

Before we go talk about modesty, I want us to talk about other variations of this topic.

Is It a Sin for a Man to Wear Shorts?

It is not a sin for a man to wear shorts. I personally wear shorts indoors, and to places around me, but I have seen shorts that are not modest and call for attention.

They are the kind that revealed the thigh so heavily.

We must learn to draw the line as Christian men.

That we are men does not mean modesty is not also for us – it is.


I saw some cool dressing styles with shorts earlier. Shorts can be worn decently.

Is It a Sin for a Woman to Wear Shorts? 

It is not a sin for a woman to wear shorts.

Even though wearing shorts isn’t a sin, some shorts are not modest at all, and should not be worn outside your private space.

Shorts like “bum shots” should not be worn outside your private space as a lady. 

We must learn to stay clear and draw the line. This shows how much value you place on your body.

Is It a Sin to Wear Shorts in Church?

As I have established, wearing shorts in itself is not a sin but I don’t think wearing them to church is proper. 

I wore shorts to the last prayer meetings we had in my local church (It felt a little weird though.). It was a communal prayer meeting so it felt more homely. 

But I can’t wear it to any other meeting besides that.

Well, I am a minister in the local church (and we can only wear cooperate dresses), but even if I was not, I would not find it comfortable to wear shorts to a church gathering.

But if wearing a decent short is pretty much a usual thing in your church community, it is cool then.

Shorts That You Should Only Wear in Private

I have seen a lot of weird and immodest dressing styles that keep me wondering.

 I am trying as much as possible not to cite examples, but I have to so I can give enough perspective to this standpoint.


1. Biker’s Short

I have seen this biker’s shorts, and I really don’t think Christian ladies should wear them out. 

Normally, biker’s shorts are used by bikers to make riding easier. And I think it is used during workout sessions.

It is now becoming a trend among ladies to use biker’s shorts in their dressing style.

The biker’s short is very tight, and clings to the skin.

I honestly believe it should not be worn outside where it can make it easy for random men to perceive you in a way they should not. I am sure you don’t want that. 

Yes, I know it is not your fault if that happens, but you might aid it if you don’t dress modestly. 

I know you might be wondering, what if I use it for workout sessions? You can opt for other options.

Or you might continue if you do your workout indoors.

But I really would not advise that you wear it outside beyond your private space.

2. Bum Short

Bum shorts are highly revealing, showing the laps and even revealing butt cheeks some times.

Can you wear this indoors in your private space? Of course.

It should not be worn outside, if you value your body which is the temple of God. 


Your body is precious, and parts of it are meant to be privy to you, God, and your husband.

These are not the only shorts that should not be worn outside your private space, I only gave these examples for more perspective.

I feel biased a little for focusing on the ladies than the men. This is not intentional.

 But the point is that we would know when a dress is not modest enough to be worn outside our private space. 

Let us do well to dress modestly, representing Christ well. 

Now, Let us talk about why modesty is important.

Why Modesty Matters

Why is modesty such a big deal? Here is why:

1. You are bought with a price

It cost God the blood of His own dear Son to redeem you. Do you understand how huge that is?

That means the price He gave for Him to be able to call you His, is the blood of His Son.

Isn’t it just and right to love, adore and want to love Him back by obeying Him?

And isn’t it just appropriate yourself like one that is owned by God – The creator of the whole universe?

2. You are beloved of God

The redemption we received in Jesus Christ brought us into a place of being God’s dearly beloved.

We are a royal priesthood, a chosen generation, a holy nation, a peculiar people called forth to show His excellence of the One who saved us!

I said earlier that the call we have as a believer is a higher one.

We must walk, talk and live like it.

Have you seen or experienced the life of royals? They do not just live like every other commoner.

They are free but bound by the reason of their identity as royals to carry themselves like the royals that they are. It has become a part of them.

This is exactly what I mean when I say that our calling is higher!

3. Your respect for yourself

Being protective of your body points to the fact that you love and respect your body for it not to be a public commodity.

Some parts of the body are meant to be private, and they should stay so.

4. To not cause your fellow brother or sister to fall

I know this might sound somehow to some people, but look, we are one family in the body of Christ, regardless of which denomination you come from.

As long as you believe that Jesus died and rose again for your sins, you believe in Jesus Christ.

And that is one thing we all have in common. We must look out for each other.

And the hard but sincere truth is that some of our brothers and sisters in the Lord are still struggling with lust for one reason or the other.

Don’t be fuel to their struggle.

I know you might be tempted to say that it is not your trouble if any brother or sister cannot control themselves.

But remember what the Apostle said in his letters to the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 8:13 that if meat will cause his fellow brother to stumble, he will not eat meat anymore so that he won’t cause his brother to fall.

5. To avoid being objectified

The fact is that if you dress in an immodest way, people will gravitate toward you in a bid to fulfill their lustful desires.

And that is because they have objectified you.

Dressing moderately can save you that stress.

Be Jesus Conscious, Don’t Be Sin Conscious

As much as we must obey Jesus because we love Him wholeheartedly, your relationship with God should not be you being so “sin conscious.”

Rather be conscious of Jesus Himself, what He did on the cross of Calvary, His ability in you to live over sin, and your identity in Christ.

Before You Go

I hope this blog post encourages you and answers your question on “is it a sin to wear shorts?”

You can send me a DM if you need someone to speak to. You can drop in comments before you go. Stay blessed.



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