Is Partying a Sin? Can Christians Party?

Are you being invited for a party, and you are wondering if the party is a thing you should attend or not?

And you are thinking if it is a thing you should do as a Christian?

Stay with me as I answer your question.

What Does Partying Mean Exactly?

We can define that partying is a form of gathering where the purpose is most often celebration. It often entails entertainment, dining, wining, etc.

Is Partying a Sin?

Partying is not in itself might not be a sin. But what is done in the party can be sinful.

So, you still have to be careful about partying.

Now, to know if a party is one you should go or not, you should ask yourself some necessary questions.

I have come up with questions that can help you make a good decision if you should party or not.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Go for a Party?

These are questions that you can answer to know if partying can be wrong for you or not as a Christian:

1. What Kind of Party is it?

The kind of party you do also matters. There are different kinds of parties.

The one I discovered recently is a masked party. 

It was a party that was held on my school campus where people were going to buy masks and party that evening with their masks.


This kind of party is not encouraged for a Christian.

Right now, I am just wondering why on earth a party will be masked?

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And you will agree that some sort of immorality is possible in that kind of atmosphere.

There are other average parties like wedding parties, birthday parties, etc.

All these parties are for celebration purposes, and you can go celebrate with your friends if that is it.

You might also be wondering that you might not know the kind of a party that you are being invited to.

This should be easy. You can know that with the publicity done for the party.

The kind of people planning the party, and also the purpose of the party.

2. What kind of people will be there?

The kind of people who will be attending the party might or sometimes determine the kind of activities that will be done in the party.

There are some parties that when you find out the people who will be gracing the party, you’d know what kind of party it is.

3. Will the atmosphere be conducive for you?

I remember when I had to be in a kind of party over the night on campus.

It was hard for me to find sleep. I made sure to be awake all through the night.


I could not participate in everything they were doing.

There was alcohol, and people sm0ked too. Guys were dancing with the ladies, and there was some stuff going down.

You sure know what I am talking about here.

It was hard to flow with what was going on because I am a Christian.

And there were other people who weren’t convenient with some things done in the party too (this was due to the situation surrounding the party).

The fact that there were other people who couldn’t keep up or flow with the partying environment helped me in some sort of way.

We just isolated ourselves somewhere else, while everything was going on.

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Imagine I was alone; it would really be hard. It would be suffocating trying to survive the night. 

If the party environment will not be conducive for you as a Christian, stay away.

You don’t have to be there. 

And if you have to be there, then show up there to do whatever you want to do.

Probably to wish someone well, and then leave immediately. This should be the last resort.


4. Will you be comfortable if a fellow Christian or church member sees you there?

This is another thing to consider. Imagine being in a party where all sorts of things are going on.

And a fellow Christian saw you enter or join the party; would you be okay with that? 

And besides this, you really need to be conscious of the act that you are a Christian – a representative of our Lord Jesus Christ.

And that your actions can either affect the faith of another individual.

You can’t do everything everyone does. The Bible says that all things are lawful, but not all things are expedient.


So, can you go to a party? Yes, but you cannot attend all kinds of parties.

You must be able to discern what is acceptable to God. I hope this blog post has helped you. 

Stay blessed. I would like to hear from you in the comment session. 

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