Is Rap Music a Sin? Can Christians Listen to Rap Music?

Are you a lover of rap music? And you are wondering if your faith in Christ means that you will have to drop your love for rap music?

Perhaps you are just wondering if rap is a genre that God hates or detests.

Or does God even care whatever genre it is a song is?

What is Rap Music?

Rap is a genre of music, and it is another genre of music like blues, soul, R’n’B, reggae, pop, rock, etc. It is common among blacks.

Is Rap Music a Sin?

Rap is a genre of music, and in itself not bad. The content of songs sung in the rap genre is what will decide if the song is good for a Christian or not.

Rather than worrying about the genre, worry about the content of the song.

To keep this simple, rap just like blues, pop, afro and soul genre of music, is a form of music.

Should/Can Christians Listen to Rap Music?

Should you listen to a rap song? Yes and No.

There are a lot of things that need to be factored in before you indulge in actively listening to a rap song.

As a Christian, it is important that you know that your mind is a gateway, and what your mind feeds on or what you feed your mind matters a whole lot.

There are questions that can help you come to a reasonable and wise decision as to whether you should listen to a particular rap song

Questions to Ask Yourself to know if you can Listen to a Particular Rap Song?

As I said earlier, this question will help you make a better decision:

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A. Does it glorify God?

It is important for you to know that some songs can amplify the desires of the flesh.

For example, listening to rap songs that are all about how you need to make money crazily.

In as much as there is nothing wrong with making money, rap songs like this may stir up an unhealthy desire for money.

Or should we talk about songs that promote immorality?

Listening to such songs might amplify your cravings to satisfy your desire wrongly.

Do not indulge in any song that negates the ways of the Lord.

There are definitely Christian rap songs that glorify God that you can listen to if you love rap music.

God has blessed the body of Christ with amazing talents, and that includes a wide variety of musicians that make music that is healthy for us as Christians.

B. Does it edify or helpful in any way?

This is another question that you can ask yourself.

Does the song communicate any spiritual value at all? Can you learn from it?

And I understand that you sometimes might just want to listen to a rap song that is not necessarily Christian or gospel.

Make sure that the rap song is not one that will affect your spiritual life, and will have a positive effect on your life generally.


For example, the rap song might just be a secular rap song that talks about how people need to show more love to the people around them. Yes, that is more like a good one.

C. Am I comfortable listening to it?

Sometimes, a rap song might seem good, and you sense in your spirit to not listen to it.

Listen to the witness in your Spirit, and stop listening to the song.

You are a child of God, and you are led by the Spirit of God.

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Even if you think everything is alright with the song, and you just sense not to listen to the song. Just yield.

I need to clarify this. You must know that your flesh might also be comfortable with things that it likes.

So, be sure that you are not hiding under the mask of, “I am comfortable with it.”

You will definitely know if it is a kind of rap song that amplifies the flesh.

Simply put, be careful with what you listen to. They go into your subconscious, having an effect on your mind.

D. Is it healthy for your soul?

There are songs that can have a negative on your soul.

Some songs have the ability to make you sad or even depressed.

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There are songs that you will listen to, and you will be motivated and encouraged to forge on with life.

The power of music is great, and that is why you need to be careful with the songs you listen to.

E.      What about your conscience?

You should not act against your conscience. Are you feeling hurt in your conscience for little rap songs?

You might as well just stop listening to rap songs because of your conscience.

It is very important to keep a good conscience before God and man.


I hope this answers your questions fully. I will be looking forward to your comment in the comment section. Stay blessed. God bless you.

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