Is Showing Off Your Body a Sin?

Are you in a situation where you are being reprimanded for how you dress ?

Or you are just wondering all by yourself if it is a sin to show off your body which includes the stomach, chest, etc as a Christian?

Is showing your body a sin? I am going to be diving into this straight away.

Is Showing Off Your Body a Sin?

If doing what is not worthy of a Christian and a believer of Jesus is a sin, then I suppose being immodest in your dressing can be regarded as a sin against the Lord.

I know that the rules of modesty are relative with a few differences from culture to culture or perspective to perspective or belief to belief.

But one thing is certain, we all definitely know what is outrightly immodest, and not worthy of a believer.

You are probably wondering why I am saying it is not worthy of a believer to be immodest by showing or flaunting their skin or body.

Follow me through.

It is more of an identity crisis to show your body heavily, as a believer.

You should know who and whose you are.

Knowing this will save you the stress of things you can do, and not do.

Some people say it is all about the heart, and that dressing matters less.


No, Jesus said that “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks,” in Luke 6:45.

And if we check Luke 6:43-45, Jesus clearly meant that you can judge if a tree is good by its fruits.

If your heart is right, it should be visible, especially in a matter like this.

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Is Showing Your Stomach a Sin?

I know this is pretty much going to be leaning on the ladies, and I wrote an article specified for ladies who would love to wear crop tops but ain’t sure if it is okay to do so as a Christian.

So, you can read the article here, as I explained everything you need to know there

Overtly Showing your Body is not Body Positivity

Showing off your body which could mean flaunting the sensitive part of your body, heavily revealing your stomach or lap, etc is not body positivity.

In fact, it could be argued that showing off your body means that one does not love or respect themselves and their body.

Yes, if they do, they would guard it jealously, and not just randomly make it open to the world.

Am I being harsh? No.

This article is for Christians – believers and lovers of Jesus Christ.

And we are of a higher calling, and we must treat ourselves as such.

Is Immodesty a Sin?

Immodesty should not be a thing among believers as we are a royal breed, a separated people, consecrated unto our God.


God is the owner of our body, and we must always be conscious, and remember it.

Is Showing Your Back a Sin?

I have seen some dress show the back of women. While some of them were mild, some were really immodest and indecent.

So, make sure that whatever dress style you are wearing glorifies God always.

Is Showing Your Body to Your Boyfriend a Sin?

You don’t have a reason to show your boyfriend your body until he marries you.

Respect your body to know that it’s privy to God, you, and the husband He will give you.

Until your boyfriend marries you, he’s not entitled to seeing your body.

And if he respects you and honour God, he will not have issues with that, at all.

Showing your body to him will only make him do what he’s not supposed to do, until you’re both married.

Reasons why you should not show off your body

I’ve already given enough reasons to clothe your body with dignity and honour unto the Lord while still being stylish, carrying yourself with all panache.

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But I don’t mind giving you more reasons.

1. You are bought with a price

It cost God the blood of His own dear Son to redeem you. Do you understand how huge that is?

That means the price He gave for Him to be able to call you His, is the blood of His Son.


Isn’t it just and right to love, adore and want to love Him back by obeying Him?

And isn’t it just appropriate yourself like one that is owned by God – The creator of the whole universe?

2. You are beloved of God

The redemption we received in Jesus Christ brought us into a place of being God’s dearly beloved.

We are a royal priesthood, a chosen generation, a holy nation, a peculiar people called forth to show His excellence of the One who saved us!

I said earlier that the call we have as a believer is a higher one.

We must walk, talk and live like it.

Have you seen or experienced the life of royals? They do not just live like every other commoner.

They are free but bound by the reason of their identity as a Royal to carry themselves like the royals that they are. It has become a part of them.

This is exactly what I mean when I say that our calling is higher!

3. Your respect for yourself

Being protective of your body points to the fact that you love and respect your body for it not to be a public commodity.

Some parts of the body are meant to be private, and they should stay so.

4. To not cause your fellow brother or sister to fall

I know this might sound somehow to some people, but look, we are one family in the body of Christ, regardless of which denomination you come from.

As long as you believe that Jesus died and rose again for your sins, you believe in Jesus Christ.

And that is one thing we all have in common.We must look out for each other.

And the hard but sincere truth is that some of our brothers and sisters in the Lord are still struggling with lust for one reason or the other.

Don’t be fuel to their struggle.

I know you might be tempted to say that it is not your trouble if any brother or sister cannot control themselves.

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But remember what Apostle said in his letters to the Corinthians in 1 Corinthians 8:13 that if meat will cause his fellow brother to stumble that he will not eat meat anymore so that he won’t cause his brother to fall.

5. To avoid being objectified

The fact is that if you dress in an immodest way, people would gravitate toward you in a bid to fulfill their lustful desires.

And that is because they have objectified you.

Dressing moderately can save you that stress.

6. To represent Christ well

The cross line from modesty to immodesty is being shifted backwards in our generation.

But we must not conform to that and preserve modesty.

We must be an example to this generation, by being different in our customs, because our lifestyle and living are determined by the word of God.

Wrong Reasons Why People Show Off Their Body?

It may appear that even Christians are tempted to show off their bodies, for the same reasons that the unbelieving world does.

These are reasons why anyone might be showing off their bodies:

1. People’s validation

Many people can’t survive without getting validation from other people.

As a Christian, you must know that your prior source of validation should be from God and His word, not people.

People’s validation is not stable. They may validate, and then invalidate you tomorrow.

But Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever more.

He should be your validation. His word and His will should validate you.

2. Lack of self-esteem and confidence

Some people think they can regain their self-esteem or confidence by showing off body.

No, it does not work well.

You are only dressing that way because of a lack of confidence and self-esteem.

Yes, dressing well boosts your confidence. Note that I said that “it boosts your confidence.”

That means you are already confident, dressing well just boosts it.

And note that I said, “dressing well” and not “showing off your body.”

Dressing well and showing off your body are two different things, entirely.

3. Identity crises

How you dress can point to how you see or perceive yourself and value yourself.

And this can also affect a believer. Not knowing who you are in Christ and being fully conscious of it can affect what you do and how you do things.

Not Revealing Your Body Doesn’t Mean You Lack Style

When we talk of dressing modestly, some think we are asking that you dress without any sense of fashion or style.

It is not so. You don’t have to be show off your body, to be stylish or fashionable.

There are a lot of fashion styles that are so beautiful and still modest equally.

Before You Go

I hope I have been able to answer your question “is it a sin to show your body”.

I will be expecting your comments. Stay blessed.


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