“Everything”, from Jonathan McReynolds’ album “Life room” is a great song written by J. Edward.

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Jesus is our all, our everything. Our life revolves around Jesus Christ.

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Jesus, you are my everything. The joy, the peace and everything, I got them from you. You are my everything.

May you be blessed as you listen to the song. See below to download.

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  • Artiste: Jonathan McReynolds
  • Title: Everything
  • Songwriter: J.Edward
  • Album: Life music
  • Year released: 2012
  • Genre: Christian/gospel


Jonathan McReynolds Everything Lyrics

You’ve been so good to me
I must admit
When I think of Your goodness
It gets hard to sit
In times like these
Some people just don’t get
How I manage to smile
How the fire stays lit
And my mood
Doesn’t go up and down
With the world
And my life isn’t based
On money or girls
Economy’s down
But I’m still livin’ blessed
They don’t understand how
So I try to tell them that

It’s ’cause You are my ev-er-y-thing
You are my ev-er-y-thing

A song has never felt
So if You would allow this
I want to tell You, Father
‘Bout Your love
There’s nothing like I
Heart and soul
You somehow make me whole
I just want to get up in the flow
I’ll take the risk of sound
And a little cliche
But Your the piece in my night
The joy in my day
You’re the air that I breathe
The song that I sing
You’re all that I need
Jesus, basically, You are

You are my ev-er-y-thing
You are my ev-er-y-thing

You’re my love
My peace
My joy
Everything I need
You always find a way
To put a smile on my face
I couldn’t make it without You
I’d be a fool to doubt You
And even though You already knew

You are
(You are my ev-er-y-thing)
Don’t need no one else ’cause you are
(You are my ev-er-y-thing)
I just want to take the time to say that
(You are my ev-er-y-thing)
You are my ever…

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Moses Funete Pajo
Moses Funete Pajo
January 10, 2020 6:13 am

I love you and your ministry man of God.
You really inspire me.

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