Jonathan McReynolds Make Room Free Mp3 Download

Make room Jonathan McReynolds

“Make room” is a single from Jonathan McReynolds released in 2018 in his album, Make room.

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  • Jonathan McReynolds Make Room Download

This song passes such a sensitive message. It talks about making God our priority, making room for Him and subjecting everything that is not giving room.


Are you ready to give up anything taking up God’s place in your life? Can you tell God to take those things out? Can you tell Him to move those things away? Is it your will? Is it your ego? Is it your friends? Or is it Facebook or social media? Can you make room for God? And ask God to move all in the way over? Make room for God.


I pray God minister to you as you listen to this wonderful song. Amen!

Jonathan McReynolds Make Room Download

  • Title: Make Room
  • Artiste: Jonathan McReynolds
  • Album: Make room
  • Year released: 2018
  • Genre: Christian/Gospel


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  1. that is the quality of incrediblity and God given talent . it going to be much better than this . be blessed

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