6 Sure Tips To Living an Exemplary Life

An exemplary life is what you seek? Do you have a role model? Do you have people or someone you hold in high esteem, respect, and look up to? I believe you should have a positive answer to these questions. So, are you serving as a model? Are you worthy of emulation?

One of the things I have always craved as a person is to live an exemplary life, a life worthy of emulation. Being a channel blessing to people in my life is what I love. I am not trying to say I love it when people try to make themselves an 100% copy of another individual. I support originality. In fact, it is not possible to be exactly like someone. Where I am driving to is that you can make your life an exemplary one, a life that can turn other lives around by example.

We all have role models, those we all look up to but have you ever thought of being a role model to someone? In fact, not just a role model but a model of positive influence. I will suspend the discussion on the impact and importance of role models till another time and focus on the tips you need to living an exemplary life. Are you hungry of having an exemplary life? You are at the right place.

Living an exemplary life

Tips for Living an Exemplary Life

  • Know God:

To be a good role model, to live a life worthy of emulation, you should not skip this. It is so important that I made it come first on the list. Remember I stated in the introduction that it is not enough to be willing to be a role model or to live an exemplary life.  Ask yourself these questions, “What kind of life do I want to live?” Is it a life that will steer people to negativity?

To live an exemplary life simply means being mindful enough to do the right thing and I greatly do not think that is possible without knowing Jesus. There’s this life that gushes out of you when you have God in you, it’s visible to everyone. People will note the difference. To be the exemplary being you are willing to be, you must be willing to let go of some things which may seem hard but with God, all things are possible.

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Being an exemplary being starts from one thing which is knowing Jesus and Jesus will help you live the right kind of life.

  • Know what you are living for and what you want to be known for:

A person who wants to live an exemplary life is not expected to live his or her life anyhow. Therefore, discovering what you are living for and what you want to be known for will give you a sense of direction and will help you in your daily living. There were times I sat myself down to ask myself some questions about discovering what I am living for and what I want to be known for. When I discovered them, anytime I am about to do something contrary to what I have discovered or anything that will not help me achieve these discoveries, I put myself to check.

What are you living for? Who are you living for? Are you living your life based on chance? Are you living your life as someone who has come to catch a glimpse of what it is like to be on earth? Who are you? What do you want to be known for? Getting sincere and right answers to these questions can help you to achieve that exemplariness you are seeking for.

If you ask me, I live for Christ- the one who has deposited in me great virtues and abilities that I may be a great blessing to my generation including you, my dear reader. I am not living my life based on chance. I have a sense of direction because I am operating under the directives of He who knows the end right from the beginning. Gallivanting all around is not what I do. I am making a positive impact. I am a Queen, a  daughter of the Most High God. People should say this about me, “she’s a blessing to a lot of people”.

What do people say about you too? To live an exemplary life, your life must have a direction!

  • Surround yourself with good friends:
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I have known what it means to be under the influence of bad friends. If you want to be that shining example, you really gotta do away with those friends that are adding little or no value to you. Living an exemplary life might be so difficult or impossible with the wrong set of people around you. For some years now, one of my greatest assets has been my set of friends. There are people I can never forget because of the positive impact they have made in my life and the part they took in making me who I am today and who I am becoming.


Friends can limit your potential if they are toxic. Friends can either bake or break you. There were times I wasn’t maximizing. The type of friends was one of the limiting agents.

Prayerfully get yourself the right set of friends and you are getting closer to demonstrating that exemplariness you crave.

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses:

A student willing to demonstrate exemplariness as a student should know his or her area of strength and weakness. Such a student will discover his or her dislikes in academics. That student will note how long it takes for him or her to assimilate a particular subject. Such a student would know if his or her studying strength is during the day or night.

In the same way, a person willing to live an exemplary life should take note of his or her strength and weakness. An individual who found his or her weakness to be greed will take necessary actions to get it off.

However, it is not enough to know your strengths and weaknesses. Take very good advantage of areas of strength and work on your weaknesses so they can become your strengths. Do you have character issues? Deal with it and God will help you.

  • Be who you are:
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Embrace originality. No one will appreciate or cherish a copy more than the original. Get comfortable in your own skin and endeavor to be a better version of yourself.

Losing a copy document can never be as painful as losing the original. Do not lose yourself by trying to be who you are not. Endeavor to be that shining example by being who you really are.

Being who you are, is seeing yourself the way God sees you. It means calling yourself what God calls you.

  • Embrace diligence and excellence:

An exemplary person is diligent and excellent. Work hard, do more, study more. Be a great thinker, pursue excellence in all you do, and be quick to listen and learn from other people. Be that shining example by rendering your services wherever needed.

In conclusion, living an exemplary life is not a day’s job. It is a gradual process with a conscious effort. I believe that putting into use the above tips will help you become that exemplary person you crave to be.

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