It sounds weird right? Idols are people or somethings you give more preference either directly or indirectly above God. It is worrisome how we  christians allow some things struggle with God in our heart. These modern idols christians worship ignorantly are things that happen to usurp the place of God in our hearts without our knowledge. Well, most christians are ignorantly concurring to the pressure and paying obeisance to these idols. What are the modern Idols Christians worship today ignorantly?

Modern Idols Christians Worship

  • Money:

It’s clear we all need money to run important parts of lives. We need money to survive, get the basic necessities of life. You need money to settle the bills, you got to pay your school fees, etc.

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Money is no bad thing. Oh yeah, Sure! But money becomes an idol when it controls you as a Christian. Just to get money, many Christians have jeopardize their godly values.

  • Phone and Social Media:

Modern Idols Christians Worship

Yeah, the importance of our phones can not be overemphasized at all right now through out the whole world. From texting to calling to internet, our phones are so important.

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But as of now, the way we use our phones is so addictive. Many can’t stay one hour off their phone without feeling uneasy. The first thing many wake up to do is to pick up their phones to check for messages on their social media accounts. Many deny themselves sleep because they want to have more time on social media.

Yeah, to be candid phones can be addictive. I also struggle with the use of phone many times, as it drains one’s time. Many a times, we get carried away in church chatting away the time that is meant for listening to the word of God.

Addictive use of phone competes with the time that is meant to be used on the things of the spirit eg meditating on the word of God, praying etc.

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You can maximize the time you use on phone to help your spiritual life and other part of your. You can read Christian books on your phone, make researches etc. We should not spend all your time on mundane things.

  • Work:

Modern Idols Christians Worship


Another modern idol christians worship ignorantly is work. As much as our work is important, we should also know that it must not struggle with God’s place in our hearts.

Many would forget about their morning prayers in a bid to get to work as soon as possible. Yeah, I know it can be pretty hard sometimes. But hope you know it’s a matter of priority.

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You make time for what and who you love.

If you truly love God, He’ll be your number 1 priority 

You can imagine if your boss called you on a Sunday while you are sitted on the pew at the Sunday School class, and he says “Hey! Meet me at the office right now! We need to get somethings done”

Oh yeah! You definitely want to reference God but then you also value your job. I know it can be pretty hard but you got to make a stand.

This is not a matter of being religious. Think about it. You are having a serious talk with someone, then it happened someone else and caught the attention of the person you’re talking with. How will you feel? I’m sure you’ll not feel good about it. You get the message?

  • Television:

Television is another modern idol christians worship. This is common among the young ones. Many can spend hours watching films. A lot of young folks can stay woke watching movies all night. I see no reason why so much time should be wasted when the time can be spent on building up your spirit man.

It’s not bad watching TV. Just make sure to do it moderately. There are christian movies that can edify you spiritually.

  • Obsession:

We get obsessed with a lot of things at one point or the other. Obsession is an unhealthy fixation. You can get obsessed with people, academics, football, material things etc. These things expressly struggle with God in our hearts

Whatever is not of God but takes the place of God in your heart should be moved over. Ask God to help you move them over.

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Victor O'loore

Hey! I'm Ajayi Victor Semiloore, the founder of Christiandome. I'm a believer. I study Medical Laboratory Science at the University of Ibadan. Click here to follow me on Instagram and you can also follow me on Twitter

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timmi dapo
timmi dapo
April 7, 2019 1:28 am

Victor,it’s a great piece you shared there.
Yeah,we ve idolized quite so many things ignorantly,and it just takes God’s grace and self-awareness to be able to reflect and get rid of these so called idols we unknowingly worship every day…
Of all these idols,I personally think MONEY is the greatest of all.

Keep up the Good work.
I’m reading the articles on the blog actively,it’s sad I don’t leave comments though.

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