One Sided Love

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I was in a disadvantageous relationship for about 2 years. My fiance and I had a usual meeting spot and it was as though our love life was tied to that place. All that we had together ended when we left the place.

The only times he’d pull a call through to me was whenever he wanted me to help with something or see me. Anytime I called him he’d complain, “You’re disturbing me.” He was never ready to listen. Sometimes, he wouldn’t even bother to pick my calls. Even replying me text messages was another war. It was as though I was in a relationship with myself. Although he claimed to love me too, he never showed it till we met at our usual spot.

I could no longer bear the pain that the relationship gave me, so I just had to pull out. The pain of seeing a two-year relationship go down the drain remains with me till now, but I’m glad I left.

Well, you may want to know why I stayed for about 2 years in that parasitic relationship. Well, it’s because I loved him. He meant so much to me.

Reading through my story, some people may be quick to call my ex-fiancé a bad person to be in a relationship with, even though they are just like him.

They are in a relationship with Jesus and yet, the only place they meet Jesus is in Church meetings. They only call on Him outside Church meetings when they’re in dire need of Him and they want to see Him. Even when Jesus in His majesty calls them to remind them that he is interested in keeping a relationship with them that transcends the congregational meeting, they’re too busy to pick. They say God is disturbing; after all, it is not Church meeting.

I know how I felt when I was in that toxic relationship and I can imagine how Jesus feels when the only time you commune with Him is when you are in a community of believers.

I had to leave that relationship, but God will never leave you. He has never left you. He is by the door waiting eagerly for you to let Him into your space. He seriously desires that you come to know Him intimately. Beyond what you get in a Church meeting, there is more you can unravel by having a personal relationship with God. Your relationship with God should not end on a corporate level, take it further to a personal level.

PS: The story in this article is fiction

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