Is Painting Your Nails or Fixing Nails a Sin?

I’ve seen ladies paint their fingernails on their hands or feet.

And I’ve also seen people with artificial or press-on nails fixed on their fingers.

This is pretty much common among ladies, as it seems to be a feminine thing. 

Though we now have guys who see no wrong in painting their nails too. (another talk entirely)

For this blog, I’m writing about ladies or women painting their nails and fixing their nails. 

To the question, is it a sin to fix or paint nails?

Is Painting Your Nails a Sin?

Painting your nails as a lady is not a sin. 

Some preachers would on the basis of the fact that painting your nails declare it ungodly and sinful. 

And others say it is demonic. I do not subscribe to any of this.

Even though I do believe that painting your nails as a lady is not a sin, I do not advise it for Christian ladies expressly.

I personally prefer that ladies try as much as possible to be natural.

This is a personal preference, which does not mean anyone painting their nails or fixing nails is a sinner


I am not saying that desiring to look good or enhancing your looks is not bad.

But there’s a balance, let us talk about fixing nails.

Is Fixing Nails a Sin?

I strongly believe that fixing nails is not a sin. 

Just like I said earlier, I believe this kind of belief erupted from some preachers’ personal point of view.

Subject matters like fixing of nails and painting of nails being a sin, are really subjective to many things — culture, legalism, etc.

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In a church where ladies don’t paint nails or fix nails, they may look upon another lady who does these things as though she’s not a believer of Jesus.

Even though we must never prioritize material things, we must understand that subject matters like these (painting nails or fixing nails) don’t put our salvation at risk.

The fact a Christian lady decides to paint her nails or fix her nails does not mean she is not deserving of heaven. 

Let’s not forget that we are saved by our faith in the work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.

It is a gift unto us, not something we work for.

“You are saved by God’s grace because of your faith. This salvation is God’s gift. It’s not something you possessed. It’s not something you did that you can be proud of. Instead, we are God’s accomplishment, created in Christ Jesus to do good things. God planned for these good things to be the way that we live our lives.”

‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭2‬:‭8‬-‭10‬ ‭CEB‬‬


I hope you do understand this.

Wrong Reasons to Paint or Fix Your Nails as a Christian

Here are wrong reasons to paint or fix nails:

1. To get people’s attention

Your goal or aim should not be to call the attention of others to yourself

Yes, it’s important to dress well, smell nice, and look good.

2. Lack of self esteem

Some ladies subconsciously try to make up for their lack of self esteem by using all these things. 

Even though using these things are not sinful, you must solve your esteem issues on a separate note.

If you ever decide to paint your nails or fix nails, it must never be that you are not comfortable with how your own original nails look.

You should be comfortable in the skin and everything God created along with you and your body.

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Nobody can create a human being or decide what they look like.

If any one tries to body shame you, tell them that God created you, and you are beautifully and wonderfully created.

And remind them that they have no right to talk about how you look in any part of your body because they have no power to create a human.

Let your self esteem rest in Christ and everything He has done for you.


3. Confidence

Dressing well and looking good in general has a way of shooting your confidence to the sky.

But if you don’t have the capacity to dress elegantly but simply, should your confidence be affected? No!

I hope you get the analogy. Don’t find confidence in things like making yourself look good.

Be confident in Christ living in you and yourself first.

What Matters the Most?

It is easy to run along with the narrative that this and that is not a sin, and go overboard. 

Here are what matters most:

1. Your priority

Your number 1 priority should be Jesus. If you prioritize material things over Him, He’s yet to be your priority.

I established that nail painting and fixing nails is not sinful, right?

But what if God asks that you personally stop fixing nails, painting nails and making up, would you be able to stop?

Your answer to this question really shows where your heart and priority is.

2. Your godliness

Our priority as Christians is that we grow to become like Jesus who we are named after.

And we must understand that becoming like Christ is a process. 

God’s the one in charge of process. Our duty is just to yield ourselves.

3. Your inner gold

You are gold, dear young Christian lady.

Either you paint your nails or not, know that you are gold. That’s settled.

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The validation you need is that you have the Holy Ghost.

4. Your modesty and do all in moderation

Clothe yourself with modesty, and this also includes how you use beauty products and all.

Be modest, knowing that your body belongs to the Lord. You are just a steward of your body. 

5. Your perfection in creation

Just like I said earlier, know and be conscious that you are a perfect creation of God!

This will help you know that everything like painting your nails or fixing your nails are just addenda but not what makes you beautiful.

Before You Go

I hope this really helped, and that you have a clear understanding on this question, “is painting your nails or fixing nails a sin?”

Keep loving God. God keeps you in His love. You can send in your comment.

If you need to talk to someone, you can reach me directly by clicking the WhatsApp button that is stuck on your screen.

God bless you.

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