Planning and Reviewing: 4 Reasons Why It’s Important to Achieving Goals

It’s no news that everything with a beginning has an end. The same way we celebrate the beginning of life, there’s also the end of life. We have the beginning of the year and we have the end of the year. There is also the beginning of the month and the end of the month.

Most people are quite aware of this cycle. Yet they fail to realize that the beginning is a call to strategies while the end is a call to review. How much and How well do you make future plans?

Do you make reviews of past plans? If yes, how much and how well? Is it important to make future plans? Why is it so important to review goals and action plans regularly? What importance do planning and reviewing goals have?

Importance of reviewing and planning goals

Why is Planning and Reviewing Goals Necessary?

  • Planning helps to give a sense of direction:

Making an effective plan is necessary. Life should not be without focus and making a realistic plan aids in this. Planning helps to identify and create objectives. A life without an objective will be tossed to and fro like the waves of the sea. There is always a clear distinction between an organized person and a person who is not organized. An organized person has a focus.

There is so much joy in moving into a new month, new year, and new workplace with a set of realistic plans and achievable goals. Why? You have an idea of what you want to achieve in that month, year, and workplace and you’re not clueless. You have an estimate of the expected income and expenditure. Also, you have an idea of what to spend your money on and what not to spend your money on so, ask yourself, what are my plans?

  • Planning helps to know the costs:
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Having a plan is not enough, knowing what it costs to get the plan achieved is also necessary. Yes, you want to read three books in the next month. I know that! But have you considered trying to know what it will cost you to achieve that?

While you are celebrating new beginnings, list your plans and goals to achieve. While the new beginnings last, consider all it will cost you to achieve your goals. You just gained admission into the university and you plan to have a good grade? Consider the costs and be determined to achieve your plan no matter the cost.

Making a list of what achieving your plan will cost will ensure there are fewer surprises in the challenges you will face in the quest to achieve your goals. Remember, NO PLAN, NO COST.  So, when celebrating a new beginning, remember to ask these questions: What do I plan to achieve with this to make it worthwhile?  What will it cost to achieve this?

  • Reviewing provides an avenue to make things better:

No one is a fan of stagnancy. No parent will be happy seeing his or her child still crawling at two years. You will not want to live your life the way you did last year or any less. If you want to be better than you were yesterday, making a review of goals is necessary.

Hence, when celebrating a new start take time to have a review of the past. Try to identify the mistakes you made, and if possible how to correct them and how to prevent them from reoccurring. Make sure you take note of the good and bad, the beautiful and ugly. Take notes of various ways you can make a great improvement on yourself and become a better person.

  • Reviewing Helps to Make a Good Plan:

Planning and reviewing go side by side. Making a review of activities and plans helps to make a better one. The plan review will help to know what needs to be added to the original plan, what needs to be removed, and what needs to be retained. From the review, you will know what is not working and what is working.

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There were times I realized after my review that some of the plans I made were not working well and did not achieve what I wanted so, I  had to change plans. A company that makes no use of past records to strategize and make future plans will be moving down the hall of doom. An individual that has made a good future plan will need an accurate review to help draw a better plan.

Planning and reviewing should not be taken lightly. It is expected that the above-listed points have encouraged you to be a better planner and a great reviewer. It may not be easy but if they are put into practice, you will become better all-round.

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