Productive Living: 6 Amazing Tips To Living a Productive Life Daily

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Many people spend their time lavishly these days. Days roll by, and many people are not productive with their life, business etc. This affects growth, and the goal the individual has. In life, productivity is highly necessary. How do you spend your days? Hope you don’t just spend your time doing what feels good but not necessary? How can you have a productive life daily? Before we’d talk about how to live a productive life, let’s see what productivity means and the factors that can hinder you from being productive.

What is productivity or a productive life?

Being productive or living a productive life simply means you’re yielding the daily results you need.

Is Being Productive Important?

Being productive is way important, because your daily productivity rate will count on the long run.

Why should I be productive?

Productivity is highly necessary in life, business, family and any endeavour. Productivity is not a thing to take with levity hands, if one wants success. You must really be productive, that what will count on the long haul.

5 Things That Hinder your Productivity

  • Procrastination

Procrastination they say is thief of time. Don’t procrastinate, do whatever you planned to do when you planned to. If you procrastinate, you’d mostlikely not do them at all.

  • Time Mismanagement

One of the most important skill every human should learn for success is time management. We’d all be productive if we learn to manage time well. Mismanagement of time will produce unproductivity.

  • Social media

Many people recklessly spend a lot of time on the social media. You don’t have to aimlessly spend your time on social media. You’d be more productive learning to stay off social media.

  • Laziness
  • Indiscipline
  • Unnecessary friends.

Productive living

Ways to Achieve Productive Living

  • Start your Day with God:

This is the very first step to achieving a productive day. So, take your relationship with God very important. God is not an author of confusion. He knows the end even from the beginning. He is ever interested in your case, even in ensuring your day goes well and you make a positive impact in the lives of everyone around you. There is nothing as great as having an idea of what your day is going to be like even before you start the day and receiving divine guidance from He who knows the end right from the beginning.

  • Set Goals and have a to do list:

Be a goal setter. Have a list of to-do items in order of relevance and set a time limit for each of your activities. It will give you a sense of responsibility and help you to achieve your goals on time if you stick to the set goals and time.

I learnt something from my uncle while I stayed with him few years back. He’d tell me to write down a list of where we were going the next day, every night. He always make his plans on paper or inform me so I can track how far we have gone with the day’s plan. He did this so as to know how productive the day was.

This is the essence of setting goals, so you can know much you’ve achieved. Give your daily goals deadlines. Hence, there’s pressure to get things done as quick as possible within time limit.

  • Be a Time Manager:

A person who wants to achieve all round productivity, won’t joke with time and learns not to procrastinate. Procrastination is a thief of time. Value your time and it will go a long  way in helping you to achieve your desire for productivity. Anything that will not be of benefit is not worth your time because time is precious.

Don’t waste time on frivolous things. Invest your time to bring forth productivity. Productive living doesn’t come from whiling away time in unnecessary things.

Time is as precious as life. A waste of time of time equals a waste of life. 

Be Disciplined:

The next step is to be disciplined. The role of self-discipline in achieving productive living cannot be overemphasized. Train yourself to walk towards and achieve every set goal. It is easier to set goals but more difficult to achieve them. Be disciplined enough to close your eyes to activities that would not do you any good. You should not attend every meeting, not be involved in every discussion, not to buy everything you see. Train yourself to be prudent.

You should learn to do without things that will not make you a better person. Be disciplined enough to do things that are only of great benefits.

  • Be Diligent:

One of the attributes of productive people is diligence. Productive people are not lazy breeds. They work to achieve excellence. They know that nothing good comes easy; to be of positive impact is not a day’s job so they put so much effort and persevere to ensure they are of great value.

  • Be Mindful of Your Health:

“Health is Wealth”, this is a very popular saying. To make a great impact in your world, take your health important. There is a limit to what a sick person can do. A sick person can not do things effectively. There is time to work and there is time to rest. Therefore, endeavour to be in good health. Sleep well, eat well, drink lots of water at the right time, do a lot of physical exercise and stay fit for the task ahead.

  • Have an accountability partner:

You may need someone who will you be accountable to, on how you spend your days. It helps to stay committed to making the best of your days. The relationship will be better if it’s mutual. You are accountable to the individual, and the individual is accountable to you too.

Conclusively, achieving all round productivity is not a day’s job. It is an everyday business. So crave to be a better person and of great value by practicing the above listed points and you will have a lot to show for your daily struggles.

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