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Book Description:

As a teenager, this is a very important season of your life when you start to make decisions that are delicate, and can start influencing the quality of your life eg career choice, choice of friends, etc.

Every decision you make right now will have an effect on your future. Your attitude towards life, family, school, church, the kind of friends and the type of entertainment you choose, and the role model you follow and the heroes and celebrity you admire and imitate. All these have lasting results. They are not fleeting things without an impact on the rest of your life.

Teenagers are not different species of mankind, they have many challenges that even adults have but they are less equipped to deal with them simply due to lack of experience, information, and the right guidance from parents. Being a teenager can be challenging but you can walk through it successfully.

You as a young person may be facing some challenges in your life right now. Those problems didn’t just appear suddenly. There’s a reason, root cause for them but there’s also a solution

In this book, “Rescue The Teenagers”, we are going to explore some of those problems, their causes and ways you can overcome them. In the process, you will discover that regardless of your past, God has a wonderful future planned for you. He has a very wonderful plan for you, more than you think.

Rescue The Teenagers Agbele Emmanuel PDF download

Book Details

  • Title: Rescue The Teenagers
  • Author: Agbele Emmanuel Idowu
  • Cost: 500 Naira(N)

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I pray you be ministered to as you read the book. God bless you.


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