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Having you ever thought of starting a christian blog? Where you can share your Christian faith with others or answer burning questions in the heart of believers round the globe. So you’ve thought of starting a Christian blog. Oh yeah, you have! Starting a blog is not so hard and it’s relatively cheap. You can get your blog for a year with just $25, don’t worry I will show you how you can get it done. You don’t even need to know anything about coding. Yeah, I’m a medical student, I know next to nothing on coding or web designing but I’m doing well blogging. I created this blog myself.

So without wasting much time, let me get straight to the point. How to start a  blog, even with just $25?

How To Start a Christian Blog

Don’t worry, it’s easy for anyone. Just follow with rapt attention. So these are what you need to do:

  • Pick a niche

So think of what you are good at, if you want to last long blogging, you should blog about what you love and passionate. So I want to believe that you are a believer

There are quite few micro-niches you can pursue in christianity. You can blog on Music and Movies, Relationships and marriage, News, Leadership, faith, parenting etc.

So you should go for what you know you can keep writing about for a long time. Let’s say if you are an experienced parent, you can go blogging about christian parenting etc

  • Think of a domain name:

What’s domain name? A domain name is the name you want you blog to bear, the domain name of this blog is So you should think of few domain names you want your blog to bear.

You should make your domain name what your readers can remember. Let it relate to the micro-niche you are writing on if possible.

  • Buy the domain name and get hosting service

So the domain name you thought about, you will have to buy it. Don’t worry it doesn’t cost much, it’s relatively cheap. You will also get hosting services.

Hosting can be compared to where your website lives on the internet

I strongly recommend you buy your domain name and host your blog on this web hosting companies:

  1. HostGator
  2. Namecheap


Hostgator hosting services is affordable at $2.75/month without risk with a 45-day money-back guarantee.

Start Christian blog

Hostgator has 99.9% uptime, I strongly recommend you buy your domain at Hostgator.

  • Domain price: $12.95
  • Hosting price: $3.75/month (3-year plan = $98.83)

So, plus the tax, you should be spending close to $120. You can’t afford that? Okay, no problem. I have an alternative for you that will only cost you around $25 or so, and that’s Namecheap. So if you want to go for Namecheap, scroll down where we fully explained how you can purchase Namecheap domain, hosting services and how to install WordPress through Namecheap on your Christian blog.

Before we talk about Namecheap, let’s talk about how to purchase hostgator domain , hosting services and how to install WordPress on hostgator.

How to Purchase your Domain and Hosting Service on Hostgator

Head to Hostgator homepagethen click “get started”. After that, a list of hosting plan will be listed.

Start christian blog

I advice you go for hatchling plan, it’s only $2.75/month which must be paid for 3 years straight, amounting to $98.83.

Once you have clicked “buy now”, you will be directed to a page where you will fill your proposed domain name, your personal information, your card information etc.

Start christian blog

Once you are done with filling up the needed information, then uncheck some add-ons(SiteLock monitoring and SiteBackup) as shown in the picture above. Leave SSL certificate, it’s free of charge.

Start christian blog

Then, you check out. Once you have successfully gotten your domain name and hosting service, the next thing is to install WordPress.

Note: I’m an affliate to Hostgator, if you use the link I provided to make purchases for your christian blog setup, I will get commissions at no extra cost for you. I feel it’s fair for me to let you know. So you can help me earn some bucks please 😉, Thanks.


Namecheap is another great and also cheap hosting company in terms of fees. To get a domain name (.com) for a year, you will only need around $8.88

To host your domain, you will be billed at $2.88/month or you pay $15.44/year (this is a bonus for those hosting their domain for the first year with Namecheap), which is affordable.

Start Christian blog

How to Purchase Your Domain and Hosting Service on Namecheap

First, head to Namecheap homepage, then search for your proposed domain name.

How to start a christian blog

If the domain name is not available (I mean if it has already been taken). You will be informed. Check this 👇. That’s the sign it has already been taken.

Start christian blogging

How do you know if it’s available? There’ll be a pointer also for that too. Check this picture 👇

Start christian blogging

As you can see in this picture up here, the price for the domain (.com) is $8.88.  Once you the domain is confirmed to be available, the next thing you need to do it to add it to cart. See the picture below 👇

Start Christian blogging

After adding the domain to cart, you need to add web hosting to cart too. Don’t add anyother thing. After that you scroll down, you will find this 👇

Start christian blogging

If you notice, the hosting services is billed for just one month, we will change it to a year if you can afford it. So click on “view cart”, it will lead to this 👇

How to start your Christian blog

You don’t need to do much here, all you need to do is just to change 1 month hosting subscription to 1 year. After that, you scroll down to click on “Confirm order“, after that you will be needed to sign up for an account and then continue the payment with the account once signed in.

After successful payment, all you need to do is to install WordPress.

Note: I’m an affliate to Namecheap, if you use the link I provided to make purchases for your christian blog setup, I will get commissions at no extra cost for you. I feel it’s fair for me to let you know. So you can help me earn some bucks please 😉, Thanks.

Login to your WordPress Admin Dashboard and Change Some Settings

Login to your dashboard at (replace yoursite with your blog domain name), go to settings, then general.

  • Change your site title and tagline
  • Don’t change your wordpress and site address URL
  • Enter a working address
  • Set your time one.

Delete Default Content- Starting a Christian Blog

There’s a default post on your WordPress blog, go to posts and then delete it.

Choose a WordPress Theme- Starting a Christian Blog

There’s a whole lot of theme to choose from, you can just check from the ones available or go online to find beautiful ones. I use hitmag theme on this blog, there’s also Genesis framework theme. There are a whole lot of themes to choose from.

Install Necessary Plug-ins- Starting a Christian Blog

Plug-ins helps to carry out whatever you want to do on your WordPress blog. Just think of anything that can be done on a blog, there’s a plug-in for it.

It’s not good to have so many  plug-ins on your blog, it slows things down. Twenty plug-ins minimally, but if it’s necessary you can get more.

I will recommend some necessary plug-ins you should get. To add a new plug-in on your blog, go to plug-in, then add new.

  • Yoast SEO: This plug-in will help your on-page SEO, it will help create sitemap etc.
  • Antispam Bee: It protects against spam comments.
  • Wpforms: You can use it to create forms on your WordPress blog.
  • Updraftplus: It helps backup your site.
  • W3 Total Cache: It helps fasten up your blog

You can go online to find more important plug-ins to help you on your blog.

Create important pages- Starting a Christian Blog

You should create important pages like privacy policy page, about page, contact page.

To create a page, go to page on your wordpress admin dashboard, then click “add new”.

Create your first post- Starting a Christian Blog

On your WordPress Admin Dashboard, go to post, then click “add new”.

Then, go write your first post 🙂

Optimize your Christian Blog for Search Engine

Now that you have your christian blog started, you need to get readers for your christian blog. The best place to get traffic is from Google.

Keyword Research

Getting an insight on what internet users are asking the Search Engine can help you to write, giving an answers to the queries. The tools that can help in Keyword research are Keywordseverywhere (free), kwfinder, ahrefs etc

Write an Optimized Article

So now that you’ve gotten the Keyword to write on, you need to produce a great article, fully optimized for search engine while putting your users in your mind. Giving the users the best articles is your topmost concern.

  • Include your Keyword in Header 1 and 2

Make sure your target keywords appear in heading 1 (the title) and heading 2 (subtopics). This gives a strong signal to google in understanding what you wrote about.

  • Include your Keyword in url, introduction, image alt and conclusion.

This also sends a great signal to search engine, so you can just sprinkle the Keyword through.

  • Use LSI Keywords

Google loves LSI Keywords so much. Using LSI Keywords can make you rank better on Google. You can use to get your LSI Keywords.

Submit your Post to Google Search Console

So now that you are done posting your article. You should let Google know about the article. So submit your article to Google Search Console.

Register your site with Google Search Console, verify and submit your sitemap. Then you can start submitting your posts to Google.

Get Links for your Blogpost

Links serves as trust to Google. So you can try get backlinks to your posts. Some bloggers actually don’t worry about links. So if you think you don’t want to waste time on link building, just leave link building. All you’ll need is just patience.

How to Make Money as a Christian Blogger

There are diverse ways to make money blogging as a Christian blogger. I won’t be talking about them fully buy I will list them out.

  • Google Adsense
  • Affliate marketing
  • Products sale

How to Promote Your Christian  Blog

Google AdWords:

You can advertise your blog on Google AdWords, so Google will help you promote your blog on other blogs, through AdSense.

Facebook or Instagram ads:

You can advertise your christian blog on FB and Instagram. Facebook is the best social media to promote your blog.


You can make use of forums like Quora, Reddit etc to promote your blog.

With this, you should be able to successfully start your christian blog. God be with you!

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