The Mystery Of Time

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In life, there are principles or philosophies that can never be altered or adjusted. We met these principles and we are governed by them. We, in our greatest heights of existence, pursuits and achievements are very subjected to them. Of all these Principles I will discuss the mystery of time. What is the mystery of time?

The Mystery Of Time

Time is an inevitable progression into the future and the passage that brings the present into past.
Have you ever imagined a world with no time, a world outside the possible existence of time?

According to the definition of time above, it signifies that a world with no time, has no past, no present and no future, no record of any activity. Now imagine a life without the consciousness of time, it is equivalent to a world with no meaning, imagine, no record or any form of knowledge, it is all so static, boring and unproductive. How strange!

Is There Life Without Time?

We might believe it is not possible to live without time, perhaps because it sounds unrealistic but believe me there are many who actually live life as if it is without time, they do not have a consciousness of their existence, they do not have a record of their activities, they do not have a consciousness of their being.

Late Dr. Myles Munroe in one of his teachings gave an illustration that changed my idea about Time.
He said, “Eternity is of God and he took a part of it and put it with planet Earth which is what is called time”, that is very deep! Which means eternity in an infinite nature.

Time is a part of eternity embedded in our world and what gave time life and existence is because of its counts and records, Time is life, it is based on its counts and records, time ceases to exist or becomes meaningless without counts and records.

Time is time as a result of counts and records. So it will be meaningless if someone lives time without counts and records of activities. It is death and unproductive to live time without counts and records.

However, some people live like this, no consciousness or deliberate record or count of time in their life.
How do you live your life? Do you live with no consciousness of time? Do You Live as though it is Eternity?

Have a record of your activities, be productive. No product ever existed without a record. Be conscious of time. Time is life and life is time! 

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