Types of Toxic Friends You Should Get Rid Of

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I know you think it’s awkward letting go of some friends but the fact still remains. Not all friendships last long. It’s really necessary you cut off some friends, especially the toxic ones. Cutting off friends is definitely not an easy thing. Yeah I know, but see, you have to let go of some people. You will be at loss if you don’t let go. Okay! We’re talking on types of toxic friends you need to cut off, who are they?  What do they do that makes them toxic? How can you recognize them?

Types of Toxic Friends You Should Get Rid Of

  • The Critics:

It’s so cool to have friends who can look you in the eye and tell you about your wrongs. But when it becomes too much and weighty that they practically don’t see anything really good about your ideas, thoughts, plans etc, then you should help yourself out so you won’t lose your confidence.

This type of friends will kill great ideas and moves you make. They can kill your confidence too.

“Negative people can only infect you with discouragements when they find you around… Just get lost and get saved!”

~Isrealmore Ayivore


  • The Parasites:

This type of friends are always on the receiving end. They don’t even bother to see where and how they can be of help and advantage to you.

Friendship is meant to be mutual. you help each other get better in one way or the other. If the friendship is one-sided, it’s meant to drain you.

Your parasitic friends will always bother you with their problems and expect you to solve them all but  run away when you are the one with the problem.

Parasitic friends drain your energy and time. You should invest your time and energy in something better.

One funny thing about this type of friends, you tend to keep being good solving their problem, even if you are at loss.

  • The Gossips:

Friends are people you should be able to depend on to keep your secrets secret.

Having friends who tells your private life and secrets to people are not worth having as friends.

  • The selfish friend:

It hurts so bad seeing people who you trust and care about, not caring about you. If you have friends that don’t care about you when making decisions that has to deal with both of you. Be quick to let them go if they don’t change, you don’t have to keep hurting yourself.

  • The negative influence:

Friends have a lot to speak about who you will be. You may think you have some sort of immunity against that your friend that seems to be a negative influence. He/she may break through your walls sometime soon.

Cut from friends that are luring you or has the potentials of luring to things you don’t want to do. Get rid of them before they break you.

  • Be-The-One-To-Reach-Me Friend:

This type of toxic friends, they don’t bother communicating you at all. You are the one always trying to push the friendship forward.

Communication is a very important factor in friendships. So if that your friend is not making efforts while you are, it’s obvious they don’t want you so much of you in their life.

You can force a horse to the stream but you can’t force it to drink. You can force friendships but you can’t definitely force them to benefit you. So, since the friendship is not a mutual one and it doesn’t seem to be capable of benefiting or impacting your life, cut it off.

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  • The Money Drinkers:

Hey, don’t get me wrong. You should always help your friends financially when they need help.

Money-drinkers are those friends that have so much decided to turn you to their Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

You should find a way to cut off such friendship, unless you want to go bankrupt in few months.

  • The competitors:

Even though, it’s really great having friends who can spur you to actions with challenges. But it can be alarming if that friend of yours is all about competition. If he/she sees you as a big competition. You really need to be careful of this type of friends.

  • The Controller:

This type of friends are always tossing you around. They want you to do everything they bid you and what they will. They impose their will on you.

Conclusively, having friends that are toxic to your life can limit you. It can steal away your self-esteem and infect you with discouragement. Get rid of the mentioned types of toxic friends.

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