What God Wants Us To Be

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God has beautiful plans for us. The reason why He made us who we are is known to Him and He has specifically shaped and tailored our life to achieve that great purpose. What God wants us to be

Probably because we are just men, we deliberately make up our minds to do things our own way without even consulting God. We just go about doing things the way we deem fit and that’s why so many of us have been through undeserved pains and struggles that could have been avoided by simply knowing what God says about us.

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I am a student and I hear a lot of things about students. Some things I heard made me wise and very careful with decision making. This is because it would go a long way and may not be open to corrections later on. One thing is certain, in the end, God is always right!

What God wants us to be

Also, there are some of us who know what God wants us to do. Say the course to study, the college to apply to, the choice to make and we do it, etc. Pretty good huh? Yeah but there is a particular that is detrimental to people in this seemingly perfect category

There are more challenges to deal with in becoming what God wants us to be than knowing what/who He wants us to be and knowing fully well that God won’t ask you to be or do something He has not given you the needed strength and ability to do. The fault of many is LASSITUDE (laziness). Many of us don’t know that we are victims of this because it seems everything is going well. Knowing what God wants us to be is not enough, getting to actualize it is the necessity.

Let’s say a student who God wants to be an ‘A’ student and the ability is there but no thanks to laziness. He’s topping the ‘B-category’, to him it would seem he is doing something remarkable but unknowingly,he is way below God’s expectations. He might even become a doctor but while God wants him to be a ‘top-notch’, he will just be average and ‘normal’. Worse, people will say sweet things about him. Many a times, what we celebrate is in fact what should make us remorseful and sober.

If God could open the eyes of many achievers who seem happy and contented, they would cry when they discover they are way below the expectations of God

So, think about this today! discover who you are and STRIVE TO BE NOTHING LESS THAN WHAT GOD WANTS YOU TO BE!!!

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February 18, 2019 5:03 pm

thank you

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