Why Do Christians Get Married Early?

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We are in an age where many people are getting married late; many don’t even want to get married at all. But for some reason, it seems Christians are getting married earlier than other people. And it is okay to wonder why.

Why Do Christians Get Married so Early?

why do Christians get married early

I don’t know what you have heard or experienced about marriage, but it is indeed a beautiful thing anyone can experience.

One of the reasons why I think Christians decide to get married early is because the Christians keep s*x and its surrounding activities till after marriage.

The truth is, from mid or late teenage years, one will start having s*xual desires or urges (which is normal), and they really can become stronger in the early 20s.

So, it can be that many don’t want to fall into sin, and then they decide to get married to the loves of their life since there is no reason to keep waiting.

I don’t think there is anything like early marriage, as long as the individual is an adult legally.

 Anyone can decide when they want to get married, regardless of the standard set by society. And that is totally fine.

Another reason why anyone including Christians gets married early is that they found love early. If you found the right person, and you don’t have any reason to delay marrying the person, it makes sense to get married.

Well, you might be wondering why anyone would decide to get married pretty early in your opinion, but there are advantages to getting married pretty early.

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Reasons to Consider Getting Married Early as a Christian

There are a lot of reasons you can consider marrying early, and here they are:

  • The right timing

If you think that God would have you get married at a point in your life where people can say it is “early marriage,” it is totally beautiful.

God knows how to order our life best. So, if you feel God’s leading you to move into that phase of life, be sure to o confidently.

And the right time could also mean when you have things in place to a certain extent.

And right timing should also mean that you are mature enough all-round.

  • The right person

If you think you found someone that you are in love with and that you can spend the rest of your life with, then it might be a good reason to consider marriage.

  • Desires

As we all know that purity is not negotiable for a believer – enjoying s*xual pleasure within the right confines.

If you have a partner you are dating or courting, and you think you really can’t wait for such a long time, you should get married to them if you can.

Apostle Paul made mention of this in 1 Corinthians 7:9 where he said that it is better to marry rather than burn with the desires.

Reasons Why People including Christians Get Married Late

There are reasons why people get married late in different parts of the world, and these include:

  • Education

A few people get so hooked up with education – trying to get a degree, that they don’t consider marriage at all. And it is understandable.

And if you live in a country like mine where you can spend about 6 years in the University for a 4-year Degree because of strike action by University lecturers, it can be pretty hard to get married early even if it is something you consider.

  • Stability
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Some people have not reached the level of stability they want for themselves before they get married, which is okay as long as their standards are not unrealistic.

This is very much common among guys. Some want to be so rich before they even consider marriage. Being stable before marriage is a good thing, but I think there is nothing wrong with growing in a marriage, also. It is not that growth stops during the marriage.

Yes, you should be stable as you want or desire before marriage, but don’t delay because you want to have all the things you have ever dreamed of first.

You can have standards, but make sure it is not unrealistic.

  • Unrealistic expectation

Many singles have a list of things they want their partners to be, how they want them to look, and more. This is not in itself, depending on what you have on that list.

So many people prioritize expectations that should rather be negotiable. Make sure you are prioritizing the right things.

Benefits of Marrying Early as a Christian

As much as several struggles come from being married pretty young, it also comes with several advantages

  • The s*xual urges can be rightly sorted early

Everyone – including unmarried Christians, has to deal with the pressure of urges and desires. Being married means there are no limitations, as you can go on to have all the fun you want with your husband or wife.

  • Companionship

This is one of the benefits of marriage, just that you get it early as you are getting married early as people may define it.

  • Growing together

Young couples are most likely at the stage where there is still a lot of growth ahead of them in terms of dreams, aspirations, and visions. They still have a lot of things they want to achieve in life.

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It is amazing to watch someone grow along with you in life. It is more beautiful when this person is your lover and partner.


I hope you have an idea of why it seems many Christians desire to get married early. Marriage is a beautiful institution that can be enjoyed when placed in the cares of the One who founded it – God.

You can drop comments, I will be expecting your comments.

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