Why Do I Still Sin After Being Saved? All You Need to Know

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Do you wonder why you still sin after being saved? Probably you thought everything will just automatically reset, and you will lose your ability to sin. And then it turned out that you still sin after being saved?

You are probably still screaming, “I am now Christian, but I still sin.” What could be wrong? Let us figure this out.

Why Do You Keep Sinning After Being Saved?

Why Do we Still Sin After Being Saved

It’s important for you to know that you have the life of God through the Holy Spirit as a believer, even though it may not look like or feel like it.

The ability to do all God wants of and from you, resides within you. You have the spirit of God.

So, it’s God working in you through His Spirit to do His will. But you still wonder why it happens that you still fall into sin sometimes?

1. You need to know that your flesh is not saved.

Your flesh is not born again. Let me resound it again. Your flesh is not born again. Your flesh does not want to obey God as the Spirit of God is leading you.

Your flesh will want to do things it used to do before you got saved by faith through the grace of Jesus Christ.

The flesh will make praying a hard task to do, flesh will want you to back out on that fasting plan you have because it’s not convenient for it.

The flesh will make you not want to study the word of God. You’ll agree with me that the flesh loves and crave pleasure and comfort.

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I remember a certain day when the Holyspirit told me to fast, I was so hungry to the extent that it seems like I lost all the strength in my body, I had to break the fast prematurely.

There are times when there will be a struggle between the flesh and the spirit. I remember a day that I was to pray at night but I was very tired I didn’t even know when I slept off.

Our flesh wants pleasure regardless of whether it is in the right confines or not, and you must be careful of it.

You must be able to keep your flesh in subjection because the flesh is what makes a lot walk in a way that does not please the Lord.

2. You need to know that devil does not like the way he lost you.

You being saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ is tantamount to the devil losing you because you’re God’s own now and the devil knows.

The devil wants to try to bring a separation between you and God. Sometimes he tries to feed your mind with lies about your forgiven past.

And he also tries to make you sin against God, he sure knows that it will affect your relationship and walk with God if you’re not repentant.

But let me break the good news, God does not hate you because of that sin nor has he stopped loving you because of it. No, His love is unconditional. So if you are in this situation, go straight to God, don’t waste time, and don’t let give the devil space to feed your mind with lies. Confess your sins to God and ask for His forgiveness.

It takes your submission to God for the devil to flee when you resist him. When the devil tries to push things through your mind, learn to respond with the word of God.

James 4:7
Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

3. There’s no consistent relationship with God

The beauty of being saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ is the ability to build a very solid relationship with God and grow in the knowledge of Him.

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If only we can learn to fellowship with God in His Word and prayers consistently.

By this, we grow in our relationship with God and our love for God. And the love of God in you will make you hate sin because He also hates it. You’d always strive to make Him happy and give Him all the glory in all your endeavors.

Galatians 5:16

So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.”

1 John 3:9

No one who is born of God will continue to sin, because God’s seed remains in them; they cannot go on sinning, because they have been born of God.”

I want you to know that by design, now that you believe in Jesus Christ, you are born of God. Therefore God’s seeds are in you.

You can not make a practice of sinning as someone born of God, with God’s seeds residing in you. As you draw closer to the Lord in fellowship, you will lose the will to satisfy the desires of the flesh.

How to Stop Habitual Sin Now That I am Saved?

Now that you know some possible reasons why you might be indulging in sin, you might be wondering, “how do we go about this?”

  • Know that God has given you victory and power over sin through His Holyspirit

It is important that you know that you have victory and power over sin in Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

The Spirit of God is the Spirit of Holiness, and we have Him residing in us.

We can be holy and live sin-free under the leadership of the Holyspirit, and be yielded to Him.

Holiness is a characteristic of God that God has embedded in us through His Holyspirit.

We can only express holy living through the spirit of God.

  • Stop being conscious of sin, and start being conscious of God
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As a young Christian, I often worry a lot about holiness and this makes me sin-conscious, because of that, there is always the tendency for me to disobey God very easily.

That is more reason why your fellowship with the Holy Spirit is very important.

You should draw a lesson from my story. Don’t be too sin conscious, focus on Jesus.

Let your focus be on Jesus alone. Be cautious of the presence of Holyspirit in you.

Focus on having a better relationship with God daily, and He will help you live a holy life daily. Focus on Jesus and see everything that is not of Him fade away.

  • Take your relationship with God seriously by being consistent

It’s very important to have a strong relationship with God. You can not live a holy life outside of God.

The Holy Spirit is not just the third person in Trinity, He is an instructor. Many times when you are dealing with the consequences of disobedience, He guides us into God’s forgiveness and helps us out of it.

When you continue to fellowship with the Holy Spirit, He teaches you the way of God and  He does not forsake you.

So, Holiness is possible, as you continue to walk with the Lord, it becomes part and parcel of you to do that which God wills every blessed day.

Walking with God gives you strength to live obeying God’s word, and alligns you with the desires of God.

  • Don’t put yourself in situation that puts you in risk

Remember too, flee the appearance of evil, and don’t put yourself in situations where you’d be vulnerable to sin.

Don’t overestimate yourself, and be cautious.

Build your relationship with God, and stay victorious living a holy life with God’s strength through His Spirit!

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