Why Do We Continue to Sin After Being Saved

Why do we continue to sin after being saved?

Why do we still sin after been saved? This has been the question on many hearts. They are now saved but on one occasion or the other fell into the old sin. Can we run away from sin? Can we live a life of holiness? Why do we continue to sin after being saved? All these questions will be answered as we progress.

What is Sin?

Before we begin with address the topic, we must define Sin. What is Sin? The general notion of sin is disobedience against God’s commandments. It is when we go against God’s will and commandments

Isaiah 59:1-2
Behold, the LORD’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear. But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hidden his face from you, that he will not hear.

According to Isaiah 59:1-2, sin is defined as a hindrance between God and man which does not allow God to speak to a man and separate man from God.
In Genesis 3, man disobeyed God and God sent the man away from the garden of Eden.

Sin in the Old Testament

In the old testament, because the way of the people did not please God, God through Moses sent the ten commandments to his people to guide and direct them as stated in Exodus 20:3-17

In the old testament, the ten commandments were the guiding rule which must be followed by everyone. Any breach in any of the commandments means sin and lead to punishment from God. We can see many instances of the punishment from God on the Israelites as a result of their sin.

Sin in the New Testament

In the new testament, with the appearance of the Holy Spirit, the definition and Sin itself became vaguer. Before Jesus transfigured, He made two new commandments.

1. And you shall love the Lord your God with all heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength. If you love God, you’d do what will make Him happy.

2. Love your neighbour as your self: This commandment has been said to surpass all the previous commandments that have been established.

 Why do we Continue to sin After Being Saved?

Indeed, many believer cannot still do without sin, why? Why can’t we as believers maintain a life of holiness? Even though many are born again and now have the life of God through the spirit of God in them, they still fall into sin?

  • Flesh

Flesh is one of the major reasons why we continue to sin even after being saved. Our flesh derives so much pleasure from sin that it looks like it cannot live without it.

I remember a certain day when the Holyspirit told me to fast, I was so hungry to the extent that it seems like I lost all the strength in my body, I had to break the fast prematurely. There are times when there will be a struggle between the flesh and the spirit. I remember a day that I was to pray at night but I was very tired I didn’t even know when I slept off.

So one of the most important reasons why Christian still sins even after being saved is because of the flesh.

So how do we overcome it? The Bible says in Matthew 26:41 “Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

So what we need to do is build up our spirit man, we need to build up our spirit man. Just like the way people build up their bodies by going to gym daily. You need to build your spirit man. To build your spirit man, the word of God and prayers especially in tongue

1 Corinthians 14:4a
He that speaketh in an unknown tongue edifieth himself [builds himself up]
Make sure you consciously do what will build your spirit.

  • The devil

Someone once said that the devil is stupid but I beg to differ, the truth is the devil is not powerless but very smart. He sets traps for Christians that they may fall.

James 4:7

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

We can resist the devil and the temptations he throws at us by submitting to God. Note that submitting to God comes first. It takes your submission to God for you to resist the devil and he will flee. Submit to God.

We must continue to resist the devil at every point where he brings his temptation and challenges of life. We must learn to confront him with the word of God each time he tries to tempt us.

In Matthew 4, Jesus fasted for forty days and nights and HE was tempted by the devil. You know what Jesus did? Jesus confessed the scriptures the three time the devil tried to tempt Him. Our Lord Jesus has shown the importance of the scriptures here.

Resist all the devil and he will flee but flee from all appearances of evil. Don’t put yourself in situations where you will be vulnerable to sin. In a situation when an opposite sex is before you naked, you are meant to flee. Do not try to stand there and say you are resisting.

  • Disobedience

Another reason why we continue to sin after we are saved is because we disobey the Holy Spirit.

The holy spirit is the spirit of God and HE act as the connection between God and man. There are times when he gives us instructions that we refuse to obey him, it also count as sin because disobedience is nothing else but sin.

The instruction from the Holy Spirit are instructions from God, so when we decide not to follow the instruction of the Holy Spirit we have disobeyed God.

A man once gave a testimony in church where he recalled the incident that had happened previously in his life, the Holy Spirit instructed him not to pass a particular road on his way to work but he felt it was unnecessary. He didn’t tell us what the consequences were but from his choice of words we could get that it was not palatable.

We can also derive an example from Moses, Moses was frustrated by the Israelites so much so that he struck the rock twice when God told him to strike it once.

God doesn’t treat disobedience lightly, it was a result of man’s disobedience that man was chased away from the garden of Eden.

So how can we overcome disobedience? It’s simple, just follow the instructions from the Holy Spirit. The only way to overcome disobedience is to obey. Even though it sounds very simple it can be very difficult, there are times when the Holy Spirit gives us instructions that shocks us. You must also learn that obeying the Holy spirit is key to building your relationship with Him.

  • Lack of relationship with God:

Immediately you got born again, you have access to God, you can communicate with Him like a son. Many people after salvation just go on with their life without intention to grow in the faith they just received.

It’s only when we have a standing relationship with God that we can stand the wiles and temptations of the devil. If you’d agree with me, temptations are everywhere around you in our world right now. Your place of work, your school, home etc. It is only God that can strengthen you to live free of sin.

So build a relationship with God. Study the word of God daily, you can start out with one chapter of the Bible a day, you can start with the new testament. Then keep growing from there. Pray, especially in tongues if you can,  every day too, you can start with thirty minutes every day then keep growing from there.

How Can we Christians Live a Holy Life?

Holiness is one of things God wants of us and we can live holy because God has given us an Helper who will help us. God is Holy and His Spirit lives right in you. You can live holy with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Yes Holiness is possible, the Bible said that those that turn away from God don’t just backslide, it is a gradual process.
Holiness might seem like an impossible feat for many people, to some they believe no one can ever be holy. I tell you today, you can live holy, God wants you to live holy.

As a young Christian, I often worry a lot about holiness that there is always the tendency for me to disobey God very easily. That is more reason why your fellowship with the Holy Spirit is very important.

You should draw a lesson from there. Don’t be too sin conscious, focus on Jesus. Focus on having a better relationship with God daily, and He will help you live a holy life daily. He will correct you when you go out of the way.

It’s very important to have a strong relationship with God. You can not live a holy life outside of God. Remember too, flee appearance of evil, don’t put yourself in situations where you’d be vulnerable to sin.

The Holy Spirit is not just the third person in Trinity, he is an instructor. Many times when you are dealing with the consequences of some of the sin we commit He guides us into God’s forgiveness and help us out of it.

When you continue to fellowship with the Holy Spirit, he teaches you the way of God and does not forsake you. So, Holiness is possible, as you continue to walk with the Lord, it becomes part and parcel of you to do that which God wills every blessed day.

Though, temptations may arise, God’s strength will be available to overcome in victory.

So build your relationship with God, and stay victorious living a holy life with God’s strength through His Spirit!

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