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Will God forgive me I had sex before marriage.

I Had Sex Before Marriage, Will God Forgive Me?

Hey! I understand the guilt that comes with having sex before marriage. There’s this feeling you have that God can not forgive you. It is good you accept the fact …

How to hear God

How to Hear God Speak

What must I do to be saved

What Must I Do To Be Saved?

Modern idols christians worship
Ungodly friends and association

Morality and Lifestyle

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The mystery of time

The Mystery Of Time

In life, there are principles or philosophies that can never be altered or adjusted. We met these principles and we are governed by them. We, in our greatest heights of existence, …

17 Ways to Break Phone Addiction


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How to find your purpose

How to Find your Purpose in Life with God

An inventor creates an invention with a motive to solve a problem, which serves as the purpose of that invention. Your sojourn on planet earth is not is not just …

6 Sure Tips To Living an Exemplary Life

How to Build Your Self Confidence