About Christiandome

Welcome to Christiandome!

My name is Victor Loore. I’m a young Christian, with a passion for teaching the accurate word of God in different forms of writing.

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Victor Loore

I love talking about God and teaching God’s Word, especially to young people like me. It is something I really find joy in doing.

Enough about me, and straight to the blog. This is a God-given passion, that young people with non-conventional questions on the mind of young people regarding the Christian faith and walking with Jesus is accurately answered.

Many young people have questions; some feel as though God is far away; many have strayed away because of one experience or the other.

My utmost desire is that many are pointed to Christ through this blog and that it models the grace and love of God to them.

This is Christiandome! A compass and safe space for all!

This blog is a subsidiary of a bigger vision — ThisDome Media

Do you want to reach me? Feel free.